Protein: benefits and harms, types. What will happen to the body, if you drink protein every day, abruptly refuse protein? What foods can replace protein? Is it possible, how and with what to use the protein correctly without training, with weight loss: tips

In this article, we will consider how much and how long you can drink protein with health benefits. And also learn about the effects of protein on diet.

A protein or protein complex is a necessary component for building muscles. It includes about twenty amino acids, which in different combinations can form different proteins. It is actively used by athletes and those who simply follow their figure. But its use has a number of nuances that we will deal with in this article.

What will happen in the body if you drink protein every day?

The controversy and myths surrounding protein have not subsided so far. So, we will find out how its use affects the processes taking place in the human body. Protein is a protein concentrate obtained from foods. We can say that this is the essence of milk, eggs and soy. The same food, in fact, only in profile.

  • Amino acids are an important component in the metabolism, including the construction of muscle tissue. There are 22 of them in the body. And proteins are ready to share them in a considerable amount, because not always we eat right and some amino acids in the body are deficient.
  • The protein itself is harmless. Of course, if you drink three kilograms in one sitting, you can get nausea, vomiting and other disorders. Since only the dose determines whether the food will bring you benefits or harm.
  • For an athlete or athlete, protein is a daily necessity. But you need to strictly adhere to the norm of admission and not miss the advice of a doctor. By the way, it is also necessary to consult with him on this issue.
  • With power loads, the body needs a large dose of protein, which will give it protein. But do not forget that it is not a substitute for basic food, it only supplies the missing ingredients! Then, at a large dosage, there is a skew in the amount of amino acids and you can find out the negative aspects of the result of protein exposure.

Important: This product simulates leaching by the kidneys of most of the beneficial elements and vitamins. Therefore, its systematic consumption, without a normal meal and even with high standards, threatens a breakdown and general malaise. After all, the body will not fully work.

The approximate composition of the protein powder
  • Short-term intake of large doses will give a good shake for the body. But such a scheme is acceptable for 1-2 days. Otherwise, catabolic processes in rapid form will be activated through the work of the adrenal glands. And even get the opposite effect - muscle atrophy.
  • But you need to shake regularly 1 time in 1.5-2 weeks. After all, the constant intake of one dosage may not lead to the development of muscle mass.
  • Do not forget about allergies and individual intolerance. Even if it did not appear immediately. Systematic consumption of the product can lead to its development.
  • Men are better off refraining from soy protein. It may contain traces of phytoestrogens, analogues of female sex hormones. Their use will lead to a deficiency of testosterone and feminization of the stronger sex.

Important: We shatter the main myth. Protein either does not have any effect on potency, or, when used correctly, strengthens muscle mass and has a positive effect, unlike steroids.

  • But for those who are gaining muscle mass, protein is a daily necessity. Just follow the norm. Without this important protein, the body will draw the necessary element from the inside. That is, protein will come out of the muscles. And this will lead to a decrease in muscle mass.
  • Consider also such deplorable figures: due to the lack of certain types of protein, protein metabolism is disrupted and after a year the hormonal background is disrupted. And it will not only worsen the condition of hair and skin, but also lead to weight gain.
  • Five years later, more than half of the liver cells will suffer, which will cease to normally perform their duties. And with this chain reaction, the malfunctioning of other organs is also understandable.
Men should refuse soy protein

The benefits and harms of protein

Any product has two sides of exposure to the human body. Immediately it is worth refuting the misconception about a possible addiction to protein. And this is not just a stimulator of muscle growth, it is a whole complex that within reasonable limits (!) Brings tangible benefits to the body.

Advantages of such a product

  • Yes, this is really the main building material of muscle tissue. If you do not just want to keep yourself in good shape, and pump up beautiful reliefs, then the need for protein will be needed 2-3 times more than the usual norm. And products will not always be able to fully saturate the body with this element.
  • Protein also contributes to bone strength. No, it will not replace calcium and necessary phosphorus. But he takes an active part in the construction and molding processes, strengthens ligaments, better supports the skeleton.
  • The need for protein is needed in our body systems in large doses even without strength training, due to a possible deficiency of certain amino acids.
  • This element also helps the immune system. Yes, training will strengthen the body as a whole, but protein will create a barrier against microbes and pathogens.
  • Protein increases the oxygen content in the blood, but also reduces the level of sugar. And this helps not only saturate each organ with oxygen as much as possible, but also improves vascular patency.
  • Moreover, there is an active struggle with the formation of bad cholesterol. But only in a team with proper nutrition.
  • And this helps suppress appetite. Therefore, protein also acts as a fat burner.
  • Vegetarians need this product. After all, protein is the basis of our diet. And no product can give it to such an extent as meat and fish. Therefore, protein will help eliminate this problem.
  • In addition, protein affects the condition of hair and nails, and also replenishes energy reserves. And his merit is vigor and high spirits.

Negative moments of protein

  • The biggest disadvantage is lactose intolerance. More precisely, the protein in which there is milk protein is not suitable for people with this feature. Although in such a situation there is a way out - to dilute only in water, and choose the product itself without such a component.
  • If you replace all food only with proteins, then there may be eating disorders and disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Again, with large overdoses, even nausea and vomiting are possible along with diarrhea.
  • There is also individual intolerance, which we have already mentioned a little. To install it, pay attention to the following symptoms:
    • if you have a skin itch or an enlarged skin rash;
    • redness of the eyeballs or increased lacrimation appeared for no reason;
    • malfunctions of the stomach (constipation or diarrhea, or maybe their alternation);
    • sometimes it is even possible to increase body temperature.
  • The disadvantages of this product include the price. After all, a good protein costs a lot of money, and not everyone can afford to pay a round sum for a complete protein in the diet.
  • And a little consonant negative quality - these are fakes. Proteins are often passed off as affordable foods, slightly altering their composition. Sometimes they are confused with steroids.
Proteins can benefit the body, but also adversely affect health when used improperly

What components should not be in a protein?

Of course, the composition should be as close as possible to natural products. After all, synthetic fibers have not yet benefited anyone.

  • But the greatest danger is the amino acid taurine (part of the drinks of power engineers), which is extremely negative for the state of the cardiac and nervous systems. Especially if you systematically take a low-quality product.
  • Sweeteners of synthetic origin not only will not bring benefits, but also will not be absorbed by the body. And they will make a significant blow to the kidneys and your heart. Yes, and in conjunction with the loads.
  • In addition, poor absorption of sugar will cause obesity and diabetes. And it is they that make it difficult to restore strength and energy after training.
  • Thickeners such as xanthan gum and carrageenan will cause stomach ulcers and even cause cancer cells to grow.

Types of Protein Shakes

  • All proteins according to the rate of assimilation by the body are divided into three types:
    • fast or whey that are digested after 30 minutes;
    • complex proteins can be digested after 2-6 hours, depending on the composition. There is also a division into fast and slow groups;
    • Slow or casein protein requires more than 6 hours to be absorbed by the body.
  • Fast and comprehensive must be taken in the morning during breakfast and throughout the day. They must be combined with carbohydrates, both fast and slow. Also, forty minutes before the workout and after that time after it. This technique ensures the correct launch of anabolic processes and a good rate of increase in muscle mass.
  • Slow Proteins are best consumed before bedtime or at long breaks between meals so that the body does not starve at this time. For weight loss, slow proteins can be consumed throughout the day and instead of meals - to obtain the necessary amino acids and to satisfy the hunger.
  • In general, three components are important for a successful outcome.:
    • intake of protein;
    • balanced diet;
    • training.
There are three main types of proteins.

How to drink protein?

Protein powder should be mixed with milk, kefir or water at the rate of: 250 ml of liquid and 30-40 g of dry matter. The combination with milk tastes good and adds energy value to the cocktail. Therefore, if the goal is to lose weight, and not an active increase in muscle mass, it is better to mix it with water.

  • In the course of research, it was found that when a certain amount of protein is exceeded in food, its excretion by the excretory system begins. For people engaged in intense physical activity, this is 40-50 (depending on weight); and for untrained - 30 g of protein. That is, a single use above this norm does not make sense, since the protein is excreted in the urine, while loading the kidneys.
  • On average, the calculation is carried out according to a scheme depending on body weight. For 1 kg, 1.5-2 g of protein is needed. But experienced athletes can increase this dose by 2-3 times.
  • In no case do not drink the allowable dosage at a time. It is necessary to divide it by 3 times. The first appointment is mandatory after breakfast and 2 hours after it. The second is before training. And remember, it’s wrong to drink protein with exercise. Only 1-2 hours after training you can drink a protein shake.
  • But for a quick mass gain there is a slightly distorted scheme that is used only for a certain period. The first technique is immediately after waking up, before and after training. After 2 weeks, the regimen changes, and the single dose rises slightly.

Important: Better yet, divide your protein intake by 5 times. In this case, the fat layer and the desired results play an important role. 180 g for knocking is enough for knocking, and for light weight - 200 g. Only 150 g is used for drying the body, but for large fat mass, the dose increases to 300 g per day.

You need to drink protein in the calculation of 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of body weight

Is it possible and how to consume protein without training?

  • We will definitely give a positive answer. But only at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight per day.
  • If the body receives such an amount with regular food, then protein is not necessary. It does not even prevent the body from getting a certain variety in the form of protein foods. This is cottage cheese, fish, eggs, milk and chicken breast. But they need plant proteins (most often found in protein).
  • Diet for weight loss often carry a limited amount of protein, so the use of protein will be even useful here. Firstly, it will give a feeling of satiety, and secondly, it will provide the necessary amino acids, which will not disrupt the metabolism, but on the contrary will restore, which will lead to normalization of weight.
  • If a person does not exercise and drinks increased amount protein (everything is useful in moderation), his body just begins to process it into subcutaneous fat, which is very difficult to clean and a huge burden on the kidneys due to excess protein food.
  • If your goal is active growth in muscle mass, then you can’t do without training, protein alone will not increase it in any way, only in combination with physical activity.
Even without exercise, keep drinking protein or focus on protein foods.

What foods can replace protein?

In general, experts recommend dividing the intake of protein into courses that span a long time. But, recall that for years you can not drink it. Moreover, like any substance, protein can be addictive, which will lead to a lack of proper result. Therefore, we suggest that you refuse to take protein shakes for the rest.

  • All cereals contain the proportion of vegetable protein necessary for the body, and even do not cause fat deposition on the sides.
  • Bean products also complement this list. And not only beans and beans, but also peas and lentils.
  • Avocado should be selected from vegetables, but it also requires proper dosage. Since in itself it is quite fatty and high-calorie. It is also worth adding zucchini, cucumbers and cabbage.
  • Of course, this is white meat (chicken fillet will be an ideal solution), eggs, cottage cheese no more than 1% fat, cheese and fish.
  • But nuts are considered the most valuable! And any of their types. But consider your tolerance, because this product is often an allergen.
Do not forget to eat natural products

How to drink protein while losing weight?

In general, the main message here is that only one use of protein without exercise and diet, weight will not help throw off.

  • To reduce weight, one of the most effective is considered a protein diet with a reduced content of carbohydrates and fats. Protein shakes complement it with vegetable proteins and fit perfectly into this scheme as its protein component. In addition to building muscle fibers, they help burn subcutaneous fat and restore impaired metabolic process. This means that their use is fully justified in losing weight.
  • Fast proteins are suitable for those who go to the gym. But on slow foods it is better to stop those who lose weight without physical exertion.
  • Soy protein contains few amino acids - only 60%. Therefore, preference in this case is better to give whey or egg protein. If you opted for the latter, then use its hydrolyzate or isolate. In them, the highest protein content is -90-98%.
  • For weight loss, use a protein shake instead of a snack or a full meal. It doesn’t matter which one instead. Calculation of the amount of protein should be carried out according to the same scheme: 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight for those who go to the gym, and 1 gram for those who decide to lose weight only with a diet.
  • It is important to exclude from the diet or severely limit the use of sweet, flour, fatty, fried and smoked foods and not overeat. 1 serving for a woman - 250 grams of food, for a man 300-350 gr.
  • Dissolve the protein well in milk with zero fat content, so the drink will have a more pleasant taste. And it is better to use a shaker, in it you will achieve the necessary consistency, unlike a blender and a regular spoon. Where will the undissolved lumps be present.

Important: But for weight loss people, it is still better to mix protein with water. Recall that water does not carry such calories as milk. At first it will be tasteless, then it becomes a habit.

For weight loss, breed protein with water instead of milk

What happens if you suddenly refuse to take protein?

It is very important that all 22 amino acids are always present in the body. In protein, we get deficient essential amino acids that are consumed only with food. We do not eat soy, peas, beans, wheat, where essential amino acids are located every day, therefore 1 g of protein vegetable protein per 1 kg of body weight is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight or gaining muscle mass, even planned, are stressful.

And as mentioned above, protein is actively involved in the metabolism and its deficiency has a very negative effect on the entire body. And after a long or regular intake, you can encounter a number of problems.

  • Our body receives far fewer calories than before, which leads to a deficiency of amino acids. As a result, immunity decreases, premature aging sets in, and the condition of the skin and its appendages (nails and hair) worsens. A person experiences a decline in energy and strength, as well as psychological problems. Representatives of the weaker sex may disrupt the menstrual cycle.
  • Proteins take an active part in building muscles, it is a necessary building material for all vital organs of the body, and the body, if they are deficient, burns muscle mass first. And then adipose tissue.
  • With an imbalance in nutrition, the body begins to actively store energy in the form of adipose tissue (because, due to a lack of some essential amino acids, for example, 9 protein chains in the body and the unused part of the other 22-9 = 13 amino acids that came into the body with food or formed in the body, remain in reserve as fat), extra pounds do not go away or even added. The protein also contains amino acids that block the active synthesis of fats.
  • With a lack of amino acids, the body constantly experiences a feeling of hunger. Which negatively affects the digestive system and the psycho-emotional background and body weight. As mentioned above, a protein shake helps to cope with this problem, which is inevitable during weight loss.
  • As you can see, protein is an important component for achieving high results when building muscle mass, if not abused. In addition, it helps to lose weight correctly and with benefit for the body.
Do not abruptly refuse protein after regular and long-term use

How to drink protein: tips

  • With water, protein is better absorbed. But milk will help to gain muscle mass faster.
  • But do not lose sight of the fact that milk contains sodium, which slightly blocks the absorption of protein.
  • If you have a complete protein diet, then do not switch to a synthetic product.
  • For best results, proteins can be combined with additional amino acids.
  • You can not use cheap products of dubious quality, since they, in principle, may contain harmful substances.
  • Follow the specified norm, and do not reduce or increase it just at your discretion.
  • If you have a problem with the kidneys or adrenal glands, then protein is forbidden to use!

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