How to create a conversation in VK and why is it needed? Create a conversation in VK from a computer, phone: instructions

Vkontakte conversation is a very convenient tool for communication. In our article we will tell you how to create it.

Vkontakte conversations allow you to chat with several people at the same time. It is very convenient for solving various working issues and other details. At the moment, up to 500 people can be in one conversation, this is more than enough.

How to create a conversation, chat Vkontakte?

Creating a conversation is a very simple process that takes a few minutes.

  • You need to go into "My Messages" and click “To the list of friends” in the upper corner
To friends list
  • In the same place, select "Add a few interlocutors"
  • Further from the column we select friends, from two people, otherwise we get a dialogue
Add members
  • If required, we write the name for the conversation and select the create button

What can I do with a VKontakte conversation?

If you click on the button "Actions", then all available functions will be displayed and we will tell you a little more about them:

  • Adding interlocutors. Everything is clear here, you can invite new people to the conversation. All participants are allowed to manage the process.
Conversation participants
  • Change the conversation. The name of the conversation changes, which is also available to all participants.
  • Refresh photo. To create a beautiful conversation, you can change the photo, it will look like an avatar
  • Show conversation materials. In this case, any files that participants have ever sent are understood.
  • Search message history. Write keywords and look for information in correspondence.
  • Set up notifications. Here you can remove the sound notifications about new messages.
  • Clear message history. Deletes all correspondence.
  • Leave the conversation. If you no longer want to be in the conversation, then you can click on this button and exit them.

How to delete a chat in the account?

Removing users from the conversation is available only to the person who created it. If you yourself want to get rid of the conversation, then just leave it and that's it. The owner of the chat can delete any user and the conversation itself. For a complete deletion, participants are first excluded one at a time and then the chat itself is deleted.

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