Aliexpress - women's jackets spring, autumn-winter 2019-2020: fashion trends, sale, discounts, review, catalog with price, 80 photos, reviews. How to order a women's spring and winter jacket on Aliexpress short, long, with a hood, fur, large sizes: links to the catalog 2019

Buying and choosing jackets on Aliexpress.

In this article you will learn about the trends of spring-autumn and winter women's fashion 2019-2020, how to order a jacket for Aliexpressgiven the many nuances.

How to register in Aliexpress online store for purchases?

Register for Aliexpress occurs in several stages:

  • Please fill in first standard form and indicate your real email.
  • Then confirm it, for this a letter will come to your email address, and there will be a link in it.
  • Click on it, the mail will automatically confirm.
  • This is the end of the registration.

More details in this article. Or for the first order you can register and read the video instructions for purchasing goods onAliexpress official website is here.

Fashionable women's jackets jackets on Aliexpress 2019-2020

Many things remain unchanged for a long time, they become classics. And so jacket - This is not just a black jacket with a slanting zipper, but a whole "work of art". Fashion designers updated this thing with original accessories, which allows this jacket to be combined not only with jeans, but also with a cute dress.

Find such jackets on Aliexpress easy. In category Clothing and accessories for women select subsection Jackets and coats. On the left side of the page, you can specify additional parameters: color, fabric, the presence of jewelry, product length, and others. This will speed up the search among the large number of things on offer.

Here you can find a black jacket

On Aliexpress choice jackets huge. A different color scheme, all kinds of accessories, different lengths of the jacket allow you to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your image. On the site you can buy a "standard" jacket-jackets in the style of rockers. This is a black jacket under the skin (or leather) with a large number of accessories - spikes, fasteners, zippers, rivets. The length may be different.

  • View the catalog of jackets jackets on Aliexpress can here and here.
Rocker Jacket Stylish Biker Jacket Black leather jackets

Girls who prefer bright colors can opt for jackets in blue, yellow or red. The Chinese are not limited to black. Usually a thing is presented in 5-6 colors.

Different options for jackets Raspberry Biker Jacket

How to order a beautiful short women's jacket on Aliexpress 2019-2020?

At Aliexpress there is an opportunity to choose a jacket to your taste and your financial capabilities. There you will find good copies of famous brands that will be no worse than the original.

How to do it:

  • Go to the site//
  • In this case, it is - women's jackets by the seasons (autumn woman jackets or spring woman jackets) or women's leather jackets (genuine leather woman jacket). Search is best done in English. So there is a high probability that you will find exactly what you need.
  • Results should be sorted by the number of orders. The more people buy this item, the greater the chance that you will get a high-quality fashionable jacket.
Jacket search
  • Do not forget about reviews. You can find a lot of useful information in them. Buyers upload real photos of the product and describe the true condition of the jacket.
  • Before ordering, you should decide with size. The nets provided by sellers do not always correspond to the dimensions of the product. Such nuances should be clarified directly with the seller.
  • Next, add the order to the basket and make a purchase
Decide on the size
  • Catalog of short women's jackets on Aliexpress can see here and here.

For the first order you can register and read the video instructions for purchasing goods onAliexpress official website is here.

Women's parka long jackets: fashion on Aliexpress 2019-2020

A parka is a regular long jacket with an elongated back. It warms in cold weather and protects from the wind. They can be worn not only in spring or autumn, but also in winter. There are special winter options for this.

On Aliexpress it is possible to choose an inexpensive and high-quality park. Before ordering, you should determine your size. To do this, it is better to contact the seller and clarify the real dimensions of this thing. So you buy a thing that you will wear, and not once again put in a closet "until better times."

To find the park on Aliexpress, you need to select the desired section. He is called "Down jackets and parks." But, like in any other section, there are some nuances. There the parks are mixed with jackets, sweaters and other outerwear.

Therefore, for a productive search, you should use the search bar. The name should be entered in English. At the request of "parka" or "parka women", thousands of options will open on the site. Depending on your preference, use filters.

Sort the goods by rating or number of orders. Ask the seller for real photo parks and its sizes. In the name you can see the word "long", but this does not mean at all that it is so.

Parks Search
  • View the catalog of long jackets on Aliexpress can here and here.

How to order a women's jacket with a discount on the sale on Aliexpress?

There are very expensive items from famous brands on Aliexpress. But sometimes they can be purchased for little money. For this, the site has a section "Burning goods".

Discount category

Several times a week, famous brands arrange sales with discounts of up to 90%. Usually these products are in limited quantities, so they are taken apart quickly.

In order to have time to acquire a thing, it should be noted that there are such sales Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. Sometimes at such sales you can buy really worthwhile things. Below are links to jackets that can be purchased at a discount:

  • Jacket with a sleeve.
A discount

In section "Quality mark" many things are also sold at a discount.Winter Jacket filled with polyester is presented in different colors. 62% discount on it:

Great warm jacket at a discount

Also on the site, Aliexpress arrange sales, which have the names:

  • Black Friday (christmas sales)
  • Cyber ​​monday (after Black Friday)
  • sales in Chinese New Year
  • The catalog of clothing "Last Minute" can be seen here.

Women's bomber jackets: fashion on Aliexpress 2019-2020

Bomber Jackets. Such jackets can be worn under any clothes. A variety of materials allows you to choose such a jacket to your taste and color. Leather options are preferred, but denim, chintz, raincoat fabric do not stand aside.

A bomber jacket is a short jacket with an elastic band at the bottom. Such a thing should be in the wardrobe of any fashionista. When choosing this product, it is worth paying attention to one-color classic models. They fit everything.

Bomber blue

But if the budget allows you to choose several options, then you can dilute your wardrobe with bright and unusual bomber jackets. The applique, fringe, pattern on the jacket will be distinguished from the crowd and add originality to your image. You can combine this thing with jeans, strict skirts or dresses. Do not get carried away only with cropped trousers and breeches.

A bomber can be worn with anything
  • View catalog of bomber jackets on Aliexpress can here and here.

Beautiful women's jackets with fur: fashion at Aliexpress 2019-2020

Jackets with fur on Aliexpress presented in various styles, fabrics, colors and sizes.Parks - warm jackets, the hood of which is trimmed with fur. It can be natural or artificial.

How to understand this issue? First of all, you should pay attention to the price. From it you can determine whether the real fur.

But unscrupulous sellers sometimes give their cheap things with faux fur as expensive. Therefore, read reviews. If not, then you should refrain from this purchase.

Parks are very popular The styles of the parks are varied.

Down jackets and puffer jackets - Most options are presented with fur. In the description of these things you can find out about the authenticity of the fur collar. The rating of the product and the seller will also complement the picture of the product.

Beautiful down jacket Warm down jacket Down jacket with chic fur

Offers of down jackets and jackets with fur are diverse: length, color, filler, style, color of the fur. It is better to opt for dark colors with fillerholofiber and below the knees.

Holofiber Down Jacket Length below the knees
  • Catalog of Jackets with Fur on Aliexpress can see here and here.
    A selection of links to down jackets read in article here.

Women's jackets with a hood on Aliexpress

Women's jackets with a hood are a universal thing. They can be dressed for anything and in any weather.
There are several types of such jackets on Aliexpress:

  • Sports - represents a jacket from fleece or raincoat fabric. Protects from rain or wind.

  • Quilted - A variant of a winter or autumn jacket with a heater.
Warm jacket

Jacket with a hood
  • Denim - This item can be worn everyday. The hood is made of either denim or other material.

Denim jacket with a hood

The color scheme of these jackets can be the most diverse. A simple cut is distinguished by bright colors, if we talk about sports jackets. Denim is also performed in different shades. Quilted ones are better to choose dark tones, because they are everyday clothes and will quickly get dirty.

  • The catalog of sports jackets with a hood on Aliexpress can see here and here.

Women's jackets on full, large sizes on Aliexpress

Girls with curvaceous are faced with the problem of choosing the right size of outerwear. Jackets for such ladies should not only protect from the weather, but also hide the flaws of the figure. But at the same time be also fashionable.

Chinese manufacturers sew clothes for all European countries. Therefore, on the website Aliexpress are presented models and overweight women. And they are not like a shapeless bag, but elegant and fashionable.

  • Catalog of large jackets on Aliexpress see here and here.

When choosing this product, you should decide on the size. The Chinese have large sizes represented by letters Xl and so on. The more X's, the larger the size. But here, too, has its own nuances.

Warm jacket

The Chinese have their own idea of ​​the big and magnificent. Their sizes are two sizes different from the accepted. Therefore, it is always worth checking your measurements with the size chart and adding another 1-2 sizes. For reliability, it is better to talk with the seller and specify the desired size.

Long jacket Jackets of different material Short option

Find stores with these sizes of jackets follows the standard scheme. Drive into the search engine "jacket big size" or "jacket XXL". Many sellers in the description indicate the size or write that there are large sizes.

  • View the catalog of jackets of large sizes on Aliexpress you can here and here.

For the first order you can register and familiarize yourself with video instructions for purchasing goods onAliexpress official website is here.

Cheap women's jackets short and long at Aliexpress

Chinese clothing is so good that the buyer can choose a wardrobe for their financial capabilities. On AliExpress, not only expensive items from famous brands are presented, but there are also cheaper options.

To find such options, enter in the search column enter women's jackets. Among the many options it is difficult to find cheap jackets. To simplify the search, you can enter price range. Those. indicate the price at which you would like to purchase a jacket.

Pay attention to these points.

You can also use sorting in ascending order of price. Do not forget about free shipping and purchase by the piece.

Cheap jacket Cheap jacket At AliExpress, you can buy quality things for a small price.

The quality of cheap jackets sometimes happens, the most that is terrible. Therefore, you should pay attention to the number of sales and reviews.

  • Catalog of cheap women's jackets on Aliexpress can look here or in Last minute goods here.

Women's jackets with zippers on Aliexpress

There are a lot of such jackets on Aliexpress. And they are all of different styles, styles, colors. If you drive into the search bar of the site "women's jackets with a zipper", then a huge number of offers.

This jacket and jackets, and down jackets, and sports jackets. According to the material, they can be jeans, leather, from synthetic materials, eco - leather.

Zipper Biker Jacket Synthetic jacket

Lightning can be located on the side, in the middle or obliquely - it all depends on the design and purpose of the zipper. For outerwear, iron zippers with a reinforced bottom are used. Such accessories will last longer, the details should be discussed with the seller.

Spring jacket with a zipper Stylish jacket with a zipper
  • View the catalog of jackets on Aliexpress can here and here.

Women's jackets with buttons

Buttons have become an integral accessory. They are used to give originality and unusualness to things. Bright and peculiar buttons can make a masterpiece out of an awkward ordinary jacket.

At Aliexpress, the selection of button down jackets is diverse. To simplify the search, you should choose buttons in jewelry.

Jackets jackets In addition to buttons, they can also have lightning. Beautiful leather or iron buttons complement the look and stand out from the crowd.

Button-down jacket

Parks may have two rows of buttons. The former are used to fasten the lining, the latter to the jacket itself. This method retains heat and protects from cold penetrating wind.

Parkas can be fastened with buttons and a zipper Or just buttons

Down jackets and quilted Jackets are less likely to be made on buttons. This is usually a simple classic thing with tone buttons. Sometimes such a product is supplemented with a belt.

Button down jacket with belt Button down jacket Button down jacket
  • You can view the catalog of women's jackets on Aliexpress here.

Women's jackets color: white, red, blue, green, black, beige, brown

When the time comes for colds, every woman or girl buys a jacket so as not to wear an outdated model. And the question always is what color to choose?

Chinese manufacturers are trying to present their products in various colors. Therefore, any model you like can be purchased in the right color.

Black jackets usually harmonize with all colors. Sellers on Aliexpress offer jackets, jackets, bomber jackets, quilted jackets, down jackets or leather jackets in this color.

Red, white, blue or green jackets are suitable for purposeful girls. Therefore, the style of such jackets is original and original. It can be voluminous, asymmetric or shortened jackets.

Stylish red jacket There are green options on Ali Blue jacket Delicate white jacket

More relaxed tones are chosen by more mature ladies or girls who prefer classics. Beige or brown jackets can be made in leather, synthetics, in breathable materials. A variety of styles allows you to choose the right thing for you.

Jackets with Aliexpress Gentle beige
  • Catalog of colored jackets on Aliexpress can look here.

Jackets with Aliexpress: reviews

When buying jackets on Aliexpress, you should always pay attention to the reviews of real people about this thing. Many people write reviews on their blogs. Before ordering a thing, always look at information on the Internet.

Many people write that the item sent was large, and the sleeves were short. In such cases, you should check all sizes with the seller. If this is not your fault, then you can open a dispute. Sticking out threads, an unpleasant smell are also a reason for the return of part of the money.

When ordering, look at the review

"The first time I make an order for Aliexpress. I decided to buy a quilted jacket. I was satisfied. I guessed with the size. The color is even brighter than in the photo".

You often come across such reviews. In this case, the person was either lucky or she chose a thing for a long time, taking into account all the nuances.

For the first order you can register and familiarize yourself with video instructions for purchasing goods onAliexpress official website is here.