Piercing above the upper lip, near the lips: types, meaning, ideas, photos

Types, complications, consequences of lip piercing.

Lip piercing is a manipulation that has become popular in the last few years. Now, not only young people, but also women of all ages are resorting to this procedure. In this article we will talk about the types of piercings near the lips.

What is the name and how to make a piercing beautifully over the upper lip, near the lips, inside the lip, lip puncture: description

There are many options for lip piercing, and the jewelry near them is also called lip piercing. Depending on the location of the decoration, such punctures are divided into several types.

Types of Lip Piercings:

  • Some of the most popular are piercing Monroe and Madonna. These are punctures that are carried out on the left or on the right side above the lip. In their appearance they resemble a mole. It looks very nice, interesting and gives some zest to the girl. Usually, balls with a flat connection or rhinestones are used as earrings. Typically, Monroe piercings are done by girls, since it is difficult for men to care for him because of the need to constantly shave. Heals the piercing in the lip for 8-12 weeks. Monroe piercing comes in contact with teeth and gums, which can lead to their disease. In order to minimize the impact on the teeth, plastic earrings are often used. For such piercings, a labrette with a long barbell is usually used. This bar is shortened if necessary, depending on the thickness of the lip. Also quite popular are punctures in the area of ​​the lower lip, on which the rings are worn.

    Piercing Monroe, Madonna, Crawford

  • Quite rare is puncture smileduring which the decoration is located in the upper bridle. Thus, when a person is talking or smiling, you can see the earring, which is an ordinary ring. The main disadvantage is that the metal during the conversation beats against the teeth, thereby destroying the enamel. However, the puncture is painless, it is almost not felt, complications arise extremely rarely. That is, after a puncture, no pain and unpleasant consequences are felt. In this area, there is almost never suppuration. However, not everyone will see this puncture, but only those with whom you communicate closely. With a closed mouth, jewelry is not visible.

    Piercing Smile

  • Popular is jellyfish lip piercing, which is an opening located in the region of the nasolabial region, above the upper lip in the region of the cavity. That is, this is the area that lies between the bow on the lips, just above it, between the nose and lip. Nowadays, vertical and horizontal jellyfish are popular, during which banana or bar decorations are used. The puncture is double and is located on both sides of the cavity. It can be on top, bottom or right and left.

    Jellyfish Piercing

  • Piercing Labrett. In this embodiment, the earring is located under the lip, on the chin. Thus, the puncture is performed so that the earring does not touch the gum, that is, above its level. Quite popular is this species, it is not very traumatic, heals quickly enough. Among the shortcomings, it can be distinguished that after removing the earring there are serious traces, scars that heal for a long time.

    Piercing Labret

  • Ashley Piercing located exactly in the middle of the lower lip. It looks very beautiful, but it is quite traumatic. Tissues in this area do not heal well, very often crack and rot. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when performing such a puncture.

    Ashley Piercing

Lip piercing - bite of a snake, dolphin, spider, Angel, dahlia, Monroe, Medusa, Madonna, fly over the lip, horizontal

In general, there are a lot of combinations that the masters in the beauty salon call in their own way. Usually quite popular are the bite of a spider, dolphin or cobra. During the use of such punctures, several options are combined that are located symmetrically or in a certain order. Thus, with the help of such jewelry it is possible to transform the appearance, to make it more expressive and original.

Mostly, teenagers, as well as people who want to emphasize their own personality, resort to such manipulations. Office workers rarely resort to such manipulations, since they have a dress code, most of which have a restriction or prohibition on body piercings. That is, office workers usually cannot afford to pierce eyebrows, lips and cheeks.

Types of Lip Piercings Lip puncture options

Where can I pierce my lip, which side of my lips to pierce, how to care for my lip piercing?

It is worth paying attention to the need to care for such a piercing in a certain way. The fact is that this area heals quickly enough, but can cause a number of complications in the form of suppuration, abscesses and redness.

How to care for lip piercings:

  • Especially this often happens if the piercing is performed in the oral cavity or with its involvement. That is, when one piece of jewelry is in the mouth. Thus, the metal under the influence of food, various drinks, can be oxidized.
  • As a result of this, oxidation products adversely affect the condition of the skin, mucous membrane. Stomatitis, tooth enamel disturbance, as well as inflammation and suppuration, can often occur.
  • To prevent this from happening, several times a day, after the puncture is performed, it is necessary to rinse with antiseptics that do not contain alcohol. That is, it is Miramistin, Chlorhexidine or Furacilin.
  • In case of suppuration, stretching ointments with antibiotics are used. Often, experts prescribe special rinse solutions that are used to treat stomatitis, as well as thrush and inflammation in the mouth. These include Hepilor, Stomatidin, as well as Givaleks. All these solutions contain astringents, as well as antiseptics that help fight bacterial microflora and prevent the growth of infection, the occurrence of inflammation and suppuration.

The effects of lip piercing

It is worth noting that beauty requires sacrifice, this applies to piercing in the oral cavity. Lack of proper processing or improperly chosen puncture site can lead to sad consequences.

Consequences of lip and oral piercings:

  • Infection. A lot of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms live in the mouth, which can infect the wound and become the entrance gate for some kind of infection.
  • Bleeding. It does not always occur, most often punctures pass without a large amount of blood. Bleeding can occur only if the area of ​​the blood vessel is affected.
  • Painful sensations and swelling. Indeed, when making a puncture, discomfort can very often occur. Swelling is a common reaction that is a variant of the norm. However, with severe swelling, it is necessary to use decongestants, as well as hormonal drugs, corticosteroids, which relieve inflammation and reduce the tumor.
  • The presence of chips on the teeth. Improperly selected jewelry, as well as constant friction in this area, leads to cracks. Very often there are scratches on the restored teeth, on which the crowns are located.
  • Damage as well as gum disease. With improper care, the gums are often infected, damaged by jewelry.
  • Violation of the pronunciation of some sounds. Indeed, when talking and having earrings in an uncomfortable place, there may be difficulties, as well as violations of diction, which were not there before.
  • Hepatitis B, c, d infection. Indeed, there are a lot of options for hepatitis C directly through piercings and tattoos. Therefore, choose a proven salon with positive reviews, which uses exclusively disposable tools.
Beautiful punctures

Does lip piercing hurt?

Painful sensations depend on the individual characteristics of the body and the sensitivity of the person.

Does it hurt to do lip piercing:

  • Experts noticed that the most painful thing is for people who have fairly thick, lush, tight lips and decent skin thickness. Therefore, punctures are much more painful than anyone with thin lips. The most painless places are the upper and lower bridles. That is, it is a smiley piercing.
  • All punctures, which are carried out directly completely, that is, the mucous membrane and the outer part of the skin, are quite painful.
  • In order to prevent the displacement of the puncture, special forceps are often used. Pistols for punctures are not used. Mostly needles are used.

Lip piercing is a great opportunity to decorate your appearance and make it special. However, it is worth taking into account all the complications, as well as the possibility of infection.

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