Numb fingers: reasons. What to do if your fingers go numb?

The causes of numbness in the fingers are very diverse: from injuries to hormonal surges. If regular swelling is found, you should consult a neurologist.

What to do if your fingers go numb

Such unpleasant sensations as numbness of the fingers are familiar to many. They can begin with ordinary tingling and end with the loss of full sensitivity. The reasons for this can be different diseases, as well as some circumstances.

Important: In some cases, the fingers may become numb from the banal uncomfortable position of the hands in a dream.

kneading hands will help get rid of numbness

If you don’t intentionally squeeze a nerve in a dream, your hand or fingers may become numb. In order to get rid of the numbness associated with an “uncomfortable” dream, you just need to perform charging. If it does not help you, then you need to look for the cause in your state of health.

Important: Numbness of the fingers on the hands: left and right, is characteristic mainly of people who have reached advanced age.

Since everything in the human body is interconnected, numbness of the fingers is not a disease, but the consequence of a problem. Most often it is associated with problems of the cardiovascular system and diseases of the spine.

But you should carefully consider which finger or fingers are numb. It is this feature that can tell you where to look for the disease.

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Why are the index and middle fingers numb?

Important: The numb middle finger often spreads its sensations to the index and ring fingers. It is not uncommon that numbness extends to the outside of the hand.

If the index finger is numb, this is a clear “bell”, talking about problems or overload of the neuromuscular apparatus. This happens if a person for a long time performs monotonous work based on the same movements.

An example of such work can be knitting, embroidery or any other needlework. It is not uncommon that the numbness of the index and middle fingers can worsen and at times manifest with convulsions and stiffness of movements.

As for the middle finger, very often you can feel numbness in the middle of the night. At this time, the muscles are relaxed after active physical activity. Swelling of the middle finger on the hand symbolizes the problem:

  • vascular system
  • nervous system
  • bone and joint system
the spread of numbness

Important: If numbness is the cause of disorders of the vascular system, the pads of the middle and forefinger may become colder. Hands can even freeze and visually become blue. Fingers and limbs may swell, in some cases blush.

Why do my fingers on my left hand go numb?

If you periodically notice numbness of fingers on your left hand, do not ignore it. Rare and not long numbness can be a cause of pinching of the nerve, this happens with uncomfortable sleep or heavy load. It can be eliminated, in comparison with protracted ones, especially on the left hand.

If symptoms are found, you should contact a neurologist in a timely manner to identify:

  • pathological causes of circulatory disorders
  • pathologies of the nervous system
  • osteochondrosis of the parts of the spine: thoracic and cervical
  • pinched neurovascular bundles in the hands
  • salt deposits
  • intervertebral hernia
  • scoliosis
pinched nerve

Important: The most dangerous thing in numbing the fingers of your left hand is that it can be a harbinger of a stroke.

Why do my fingers on my right hand go numb?

Such a phenomenon as numbness of the right hand and fingers appears on it most often due to poor circulation of the hand, as well as the cause of problems with the spine. Moreover, it is safe to say that this symptom can make up the full clinical picture of many diseases. Some diseases lead to serious complications.

A neurologist will be able to determine the cause of numbness of the fingers of the right hand and identify:

  • injuries to the arm or spine
  • sore joints
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • spinal diseases
  • circulatory failure
  • endocrine diseases

Depending on which finger goes numb, you can determine the cause of the problem and prescribe the treatment correctly. An uncommon cause of numbness of fingers on the right hand is inflammation of the elbow joint. A neurologist will accurately determine the cause of your discomfort.

cervical collar nerve pinched

Important: If the head has been in an uncomfortable position for a long time, it is quite possible for a nerve to be pinched in the cervical-collar zone, which extends into the right hand.

Why are the fingers of both hands constantly numb?

The fingers of both hands can go numb at any age and in absolutely any person. The reasons for this may be the most common diseases:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - the effects of the monotonous brush on seamstresses, office workers, secretaries or accountants
  • Osteochondrosis - pinching of neurovascular bundles in the cervical spine
  • Intervertebral hernia
  • Scoliosis
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Whatever the cause of the numbness of the fingers in your case, you should contact this problem at least to a therapist. Only then can you take the course of getting rid of the disease.

Why do my fingers go numb in a dream?

Each person during sleep can have an uncomfortable position that he does not control. This pose contributes to the "flowing" of the limbs of the phalanges of the hands. The most common causes of stiff fingers in a dream:

  • Inconvenient posture compressing nerve endings
  • Osteochondrosis of the nerve vertebrae
  • Professional activity: the same type of muscle load
  • Endocrine Disruption: Overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Change in hormonal levels: pregnancy, menopause, feeding period
  • Lack of Vitamin B2 and Iron in the Body
  • Spinal injury
  • Arthritis
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
not comfortable and comfortable sleeping position

Why do my fingers go numb after sleep?

The causes of swelling of the hands in a dream and after sleep are the same. If the body was in an uncomfortable position all night, it is quite possible to feel tingling sensations at the fingertips, loss of sensitivity of the hand. If such sensations do not overtake you often, use exercises and a warm-up. Such exercises will help restore normal blood circulation and quickly eliminate swelling.

If you observe constant swelling after sleep, then this is a symptom of a disease such as tunnel syndrome. This is a neuropathic condition that requires treatment. Treatment takes place by stimulating the nerve endings with small discharges of current, the swelling goes away and the sensitivity returns to the fingers.

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What causes numb fingers in pregnant women?

  • During pregnancy, the female body works in “enhanced mode”. That is why very often some systems come out of tune
  • Numbness of the limbs and fingers is a common occurrence. Often pregnant women in the second and third trimester complain that they feel tingling, pain, burning and a complete lack of sensitivity
  • Tunnel syndrome - nerve compression, is characteristic of pregnant women, as well as those who have monotonous work. Basically, the working arm becomes numb because it often suffers stress. Fight numbness during pregnancy - you need to
  • If you run the problem, then it is quite realistic to achieve complications. For pain swelling that cannot be relieved by exercise, you should seek help from your doctor

What doctor should I contact if my fingers go numb?

First of all, if you have not addressed a doctor with health problems before, you need to go to see a general practitioner. This doctor gives a referral to a specialist. If the nature of your disease is neurological, a neuropathologist will deal with it.

Depending on which fingers go numb and on which hand, the doctor prescribes a proper examination: a blood test for hormones, an x-ray of the spine and limbs, a cardiogram. Depending on your clinical record, specialists prescribe effective treatment and relieve you of the problem.

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What to do if your fingers go numb: tips and reviews

If you feel numbness in the fingers and hands, try to do exercises aimed at restoring blood circulation:

  1. Perform the “Tree” exercise 10 times in a row: sit upright, raise your hands up and shake them over your head several times, lower your hands relaxed down along the body and shake them as well
  2. Practice the Lock several times: snap your fingers into the lock, stretch in front of you and make a few circular motions
  3. Stretch your arms forward and squeeze them several times into fists. Repeat movement with outstretched arms to the sides
  4. Make several head turns left and right, as well as circular movements of the head clockwise and counterclockwise

These exercises will allow you to develop joints and increase blood flow to the limbs, eliminating swelling and numbness.

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