What is Overton's Windows: concept, explanation in simple words. Overton's window is a technology for programming society, legalizing anything: stages, how it works on the example of cannibalism. Technology for the Destruction of Humanity - Overton's Window: Case Studies

In this article, we will examine the essence of the Overton Window in the modern world.

In our modern world, where technological progress is considered the essence of mankind, and the morality of eternal values ​​is beginning to be forgotten, I want to recall the concept - the Overton Window. In our material you can learn about the essence of this phenomenon, how it affects people.

What is Overton's Windows: concept, explanation in simple words

Overton's window is a special theory, with the help of which you can easily put absolutely any idea into the subconscious of society. The boundaries by which these ideas are accepted are described in Overton's theory. You can achieve them if you perform consistent actions that consist of understandable steps.

Overton window

The name this concept received thanks to the sociologist Joseph Overton. It was he who in the nineties decided to propose this theory. Thanks to this idea, Overton suggested evaluating the opinions of the people and the degree to which they are acceptable.

In fact, Overton was able to describe a technology that is capable of acting for as long as a person exists. It's just that ancient people understood this technology intuitively, that is, at a subconscious level. But, and today she was able to take on certain forms, plus she became mathematically accurate.

Overton's window technology for programming society, legalizing anything: stages, how it works on the example of cannibalism

Imagine a TV presenter suddenly talking about cannibalism. Society will react so violently to this that the host will simply be fired. But if the Overton Window is launched, the legalization of cannibalism will seem like an ordinary task to people.

The first step is unthinkable

The topic of cannibalism looks disgusting, it is not acceptable to people. You can not discuss this topic anywhere, since this phenomenon is considered forbidden.

But, if you constantly use the TV or radio to touch on the topic of cannibalism, people will begin to get used to it. This, of course, would be unthinkable. However, over time, the ban on this idea will be lifted, it will begin to spread widely among people, causing them to associate with the ancient world.

The second step is radically

Now it is not forbidden to discuss the topic of cannibalism, from time to time on TV shows you can see how the presenters describe cannibalism. But people perceive it as nonsense of psychopaths.

After some time, these people more often appear on the screens, forming groups. They organize symposia where they discuss cannibalism, considering it a natural phenomenon. It is on this step that the Overton Window is in the most crucial position.

The third step is acceptable

The next step, which brings the theory to an accessible level. The idea is discussed by people who are used to it and are not afraid of the topic. Very often in reports you can hear how rallies gather, where people support moderate cannibalism. Scientists still argue that eating their own kind - this is nonsense, which is inherent in people by nature.

Legalization Technology

Fourth Step - Reasonably

The population begins to perceive the idea of ​​reason. If this idea is not abused, then it will be acceptable in our lives. On TV, you can see many entertainment programs that directly relate to cannibalism. People laugh at the topic, consider it mundane and at the same time strange. The idea takes on a large number of directions and varieties.

Fifth step - standard

The window could almost reach the main level. Moving from cannibalism to the standard, people begin to think that this problem is considered very common in society. Often there is a large number of television programs that try to "cultivate" cannibalism. Various films are released, where cannibalism is the main theme.

Sixth step - current norm

The final step of the Overton Window is where people cannibalize freely. The voices that deny cannibalism are punished. The idea of ​​cannibalism is widespread among people. Everything, on this very step, society becomes bloodless and crushed.

Overton's Windows: An Explanation of the Phenomenon of Homosexuality

The phenomenon of homosexuality has the same phases as the phenomenon of cannibalism. Let's consider everything in order.

  • Step 1 (radical). Sodomy and other relationships of people of the same sex is a vice that they are trying to carefully hide. Yes, even 30 years ago this phenomenon was considered fundamental, although today it is hard to believe. You can’t talk about it openly today, the Bible also clearly describes the essence of sin. Same-sex communication is even bold. Nowadays, many forbidden topics are constantly causing interest within the soul, and scientists are considered the most interested. They are simply obliged to talk about everything, to study various processes. Sodomy is not different from what scientists are studying. Therefore, they delve into it, carefully study every little thing. The result of the first step: the topic went into circulation, the uniqueness of this topic has been eliminated, homosexuality is rapidly developing.
  • Step 2 (possible). During this stage, the same-sex relationship is transferred from the radical step to the possible one. Scientists help in this translation by doing important scientific work. After all, no one wants to turn away from science? The topic of homosexuality is actively discussed, and therefore, it deserves to have a more beautiful name. Now men are called gay, and the disgusting "pi" is absent. Result: homosexuality is partially justified.
The phenomenon of homosexuality
  • Step 3 (rational). Scientists were able to prove that homosexuality has always been, throughout the entire existence of mankind. The result of this step: rational bases are created for homosexuals.
  • Step 4 (popularization). They begin to shoot various films in which the main characters are gays and lesbians. It is interesting that the main characters relate to this fact normally, they call this behavior completely normal. Result: homosexuality goes through the stage of popularization.
  • Step 5 (relevant). The topic goes to the stage of relevance. The legal framework for homosexuality is being prepared. Surveys of sociologists show figures that confirm an increased percentage of people who support homosexuality. Politicians issue public confessions of gays, try to consolidate the legislative theme, which is directly related to homosexuals.

Technology for the Destruction of Humanity - Overton's Window: Case Studies

In the very initial stage, the Overton Window is open to everything impossible.

  • People do not condemn even an idea. Then people are presented with the idea that there is an opportunity to change opinions. The dialogue initially takes place on categorical tones, but it calms down over time.
  • Window shifts again. People have not yet accepted the idea, but it is already considered legal. That is, it exists quietly, has both opponents and supporters.
  • The next shift of the Window. Thanks to numerous public discussions, the idea becomes reasonable.
  • The next stage of the Window, during which the idea becomes “popular”. Those people to whom the idea seemed profitable from the very beginning begin to realize it, using it in practice.
Destruction of society

It is unfortunate that the founder died when he was only 42 years old. He could not indicate the "wise men" who are trying to manipulate society. The world government, which is located in Washington, dreams of instilling false values ​​into good people, making them become slaves, and all of humanity has turned into Garden and Gamora. Thanks to the Overton Window, the secret of how the globalists and imperialists influence the world's population is revealed.

Windows of Overton's Opportunities in Action in the Modern World: Application in Politics

Actions outside this window, even if it is possible in terms of theory and practice, are considered unsuccessful. And, if lawmakers want to go beyond these boundaries in order to find a blessing for their own voters, country and people, achieving success, this can be safely called the boundaries of the possibilities of politics. This is precisely the main purpose of the Overton Window, its main core.

One conclusion can be made: there is a certain idea that lies beyond the scope of possibilities, so that it is acceptable at the same time, it is necessary to take some steps that shift the limits of the Overton Window, placing the idea above these limits.

Various institutions, influencing the opinion of society, are trying to bring ideas located within the window, beyond the borders and vice versa, to introduce ideas that are beyond the boundaries of the possible within the framework of the idea. In other words, their main goal is to make the politically impossible become inevitable.

Political Application

In such a situation, the window of opportunity moves on a political scale like this:

  • From the impossible moves to the desired.
  • Further from the desired goes to the most necessary.

Overton was able to develop technology that proved that, even in terms of politics, one can easily influence people's opinions.

Overton's window: explanation on the example of the Plato system

For several years, passions that relate to the Plato system have not abated. Disputes and meetings are held, revolving around tax fees and truckers. Yes, today truckers have to pay taxes, and they are quite large. What did this system over Window Overton lead to?

  • Those drivers who directly touch them must contribute money for broken road ways. This category includes individuals with heavy vehicles.
  • Private owners of trucks and transport companies are required to leave the gray and black schemes, they must pay tax in favor of the country.
  • An excellent method of maintaining all the roads of the country has appeared, which allows you not to take money from the budget and not pay the population a road tax.

Overton's Window: Implications

The scary thing is that the consequences of this technology have a very strong effect on humans. He begins to lose peace, receives instead internal torment that never leaves a person. Since, when planting this technology, no one even thinks that a person becomes happier thanks to technology. The main goal of the direction is to obtain a new, necessary vector of development.

After receiving the desired result, many people support and accept other people's values. They cease to be "people", lose touch with their own roots, traditions, culture. In other words, a previously strong person becomes weak, “dry,” and therefore you can easily influence him.

For example, take developed countries in which there is an increased level of suicide. People who have high comfort for life, cease to feel happy, while paying humanity.


Consider another example. A man who grew up thanks to American films and colorful magazines dreamed of buying a huge house, a car. As a result, he had to work hard, suffer many diseases, even survive cancer. Since he worked hard, he often could not be with his family. The children, feeling the power of their mother, became cynical, even selfish, to some extent.

The result is this: he was able to build his own housing, but would like to return to those moments when he was happy with his wife and children. In the case of this man, the closeness of the family was exactly the price that he had to pay for excellent comfort, status in society. All this is not considered mandatory elements. This is what should be a means of achievement, but not the goal itself.