How to like a girl and a woman Taurus? How to attract attention, fall in love with yourself, seduce and keep the girl and woman of Taurus? What gifts, compliments do Taurus girls and women like? What guys and men do Taurus girls like?

Tips for the conquest of women-Taurus.

Representatives of the weaker sex, born between April 20 and May 20, belong to one of the most beautiful and sensual signs of the zodiac - Taurus. This zodiac constellation is influenced by the elements of the Earth, and the goddess of beauty and love Venus protects him. Let's learn more about this representative and her relationship with the opposite sex.

Taurus girl, woman: what is she, what character?

Distinctive features of the character of the ladies of Taurus are:

  • attractiveness and self-care - such girls always look good, like to dress beautifully, love to take care of their body and face. They rarely go outside without makeup, preferring at the same time bright saturated tones.
  • graceful esthetic taste - "telchiha" love beautiful things and home decoration. Their house is always tastefully furnished. They strive to equip their workplace in the best way, decorating the walls with pictures, and the desk with statuettes and photographs. Often girls are passionate about painting, music and other forms of art.
  • charm and cheerfulness - such young women are cheerful and mocking. They know how to present themselves correctly in order to arouse sympathy for themselves.
  • friendliness and sociability - Taurus is open to communication with almost all people. Polite and pleasant, loyal to friends and acquaintances.
  • family - Representatives of this sign are beautiful wives and selfless mothers. In the first place they always put the family hearth, marriage and children. Such a woman is a close friend of her children, who will always help with advice, and for husbands - a reliable support and shoulder.
Taurus Girl
  • thrift - their house is always a full bowl. They love and know how to cook, and the housing is always clean and comfortable. These housewives are never too lazy to get up early and cook something delicious for their family. Very often, cooking turns into a hobby for them, to which they devote a lot of time. They love to receive guests, and their receptions are always remembered for good food and beautiful surroundings.
  • love of nature - as representatives of the elements of the Earth, such girls love forays into the forest, picnics outside the city. As a rule, women of this sign prefer to live in a private house, rather than in an apartment. In their home they are full of house plants, which they are happy to care for.
  • neatness and cleanlinessl - they carefully monitor their clothes and shoes, as well as the cleanliness of the house and on the household.
  • hard work “These women can't just sit back at work.” They are always focused on the result. Often Taurus make a successful career. Moreover, they occupy leading positions, they are absolutely deserved, thanks to their work and dedication.
  • self-confidence - Taurus almost never doubts the correctness of their actions and judgments.
  • patience - they can endure for a long time what they do not like, not showing their appearance and accumulating it in their souls. But at one fine moment a terrible storm can break out and there will be no mercy for anyone.
  • healthy realism and prudence - “calves” stand firmly on their feet, preferring a specific tit in their hands, rather than an ephemeral crane in the sky. They clearly know what they want. Confidence in tomorrow is the main thing in their life.
  • willpower and character stamina - these ladies can cope with life's difficulties steadily, without crying and without complaining.
  • tenacity - Taurus stubborn, but not stubborn. They always achieve their goals, even if they go to them in small steps.
  • practicality - Women of this sign often seek profit in everything. It is unlikely that they will do anything, not being sure that in the future it will bring dividends.
  • conservatism - Taurus honor traditions, preferring to live by certain rules.
  • adequate response to criticism - These women normally perceive sensible criticisms in their address. The main thing is to do it privately and in a polite manner.
  • diverse interests - This sign is well-versed in many areas of life, although it does not have encyclopedic knowledge.
Taurus Character
  • attention to details - nothing will slip out of Taurus’s field of vision: a waiter’s clothes in a restaurant, a man’s perfume, dishes at a banquet, a brand of a gentleman’s car, etc.
  • calm - know how to control themselves and never go beyond the bounds of decency.
  • romance and sentimentality - despite a certain pragmatism, these young ladies are very romantic sensitive persons who need care and tenderness.
  • amorousness - More often the girl Taurus is polygamous and at the same time can have several partners, each of whom is equally dear to her. However, choosing the most worthy contender, she becomes a faithful wife and reliable friend to her chosen one.
  • sense of ownership - fiercely cling to what they consider to be their property: men, position, property.

The main disadvantages of Taurus girls can be called:

  • excessive talkativeness - they easily share with others the successes of the opposite sex and gladly talk about their adventures.
  • tendency to overeat - Quite often, Taurus women are overweight and overly rounded.
  • categorical rejection of jokes in his address - even if outwardly the girl does not show discontent, but she is very angry in her heart.
Negative qualities of Taurus
  • commercialism - often pragmatism and practicality of this young lady grows into elementary self-interest.
  • cravings for external attributes - sometimes, behind a beautiful picture, such ladies cannot discern the true essence of things.

How to attract the attention of a girl and a Taurus woman?

Taurus is a thorough, calm sign that knows its value. Representatives of this sign will not spray their attention on people who do not deserve it. Therefore, to attract the attention of the heifer, use the advice of astrologers:

  • Do not sit on the bench of spare - Taurus do not notice the quiet and shy gentlemen.
  • Pay attention to your appearance - these women are attracted only well-groomed menwho can tastefully dress. A manicure and a stylish haircut are mandatory requirements for appearance.
  • Do not be too mysterious - mundane Taurus love people they understand, without too much mystery.
  • Highlight your viability in every way. Demonstrate that you are a financially secure person, capable of making money. The poor man will never attract the attention of the "heifer." Show that you have a high social status. Believe me, the quality of the suit, the brand of the car - all this will not be left without attention.
Like Taurus
  • Speak on mundane worldly topics - do not get carried away by conversations highly intellectual, scientific or spiritual. Girls Taurus they are not interested. Better ask their opinion about buying a home or car. Ask for advice on jewelry for a sister or mother. You can make a simple joke - the representatives of this sign are not averse to laughing at simple, even slightly rude jokes.
  • Listen to your woman with her mouth open. They like to talk about topics of concern to them. Do not interrupt and agree on everything.
  • Show good manners - Taurus girls adore courteous men who know the rules of etiquette. Insolence and rudeness will never attract these ladies.

What guys and men do Taurus girls like?

The representatives of Taurus are successful, prudent, firmly on their feet and have stable outlooks on life. And they may like men who are similar in nature to them:

  • stable and reliable
  • honest and decent
  • calm and patient
  • household, able to work with hands
  • appreciating family comfort and warmth
  • sensible and serious
What guys like Taurus?

In addition, the mandatory qualities of the applicant for a hand and heart, according to the pragmatic Taurus, should be:

  • respectability and success
  • stable financial position
  • ambitiousness and future prospects
  • attractiveness and neatness

How do you like a girl or a woman-Taurus?

Women-Taurus have rather high requirements for the opposite sex. To please her, a man needs to make a lot of effort. It is very difficult for such a lady to turn her head around, as she clearly knows what she wants from the gentleman and from relations with him. She chooses a partner for herself for a long time and carefully, stopping her choice of whom she is absolutely sure. To please, you must fully meet the selection criteria and behave as she expects:

  • Immediately tell the girl about your position in life, about what goals you set for yourself, and what you have already achieved in life.
  • State your serious intentions. "Heifers" will not enter into relationships that initially have no future.
  • Behave culturally. Good manners and courtesy are the key to success with Taurus young ladies.
  • You must be careful in everything. Never come for her in a dirty car.
  • Be firm and confident. Having a strong character, girls of this sign do not like mummies and whiners
  • Emphasize in every possible way that you have a lot in common with your chosen one, and that you share her thoughts, beliefs, and passions. The unity of opposites is not an option for the young lady of Taurus. She likes people like her.
  • Be a man of the word - since these ladies always fulfill these promises, they require the same from the strong half. Chatterboxes and empty chimes will never interest Taurus.
Like Taurus
  • Visit picturesque places with it - reserves, parks, oceanariums - everything connected with nature and beauty. This will prove that you feel the girl like no other.
  • Be honest - Do not promise the lady of your heart the golden mountains, she will immediately feel the falsity. Better say that you are currently working to provide material support for your future family.
  • Take interest in your hobby. Let it be a collection of old coins, antique books or pipes. The main thing is that your hobby characterizes you as a wealthy and successful person.

When trying to get Taurus in your nets, remember that she is a serious lady. And if you were able to interest this woman, then she would immediately expect from you a marriage proposal. And you will hesitate - drag it to the registry office by force.

Woman and Taurus girl: how to understand that she is in love, that she likes you?

Possessing a strong character, representatives of the Taurus sign in love usually take the initiative in their strong hands. And to understand about her true attitude towards you is quite easy:

  • The girl will always try to be near you
  • She will turn on all her charm to make you like
  • She will listen very carefully and laugh out loud to all your jokes, no matter how stupid and unfunny they are
Like Taurus
  • Will try to surround you with maternal care and attention.
  • Often, a Taurus woman in the manifestation of her sympathy is even too intrusive
  • And if she considers that you are too slow in expressing your feelings, then she will directly say about it

How to fall in love with yourself, subjugate, conquer a girl or woman Taurus to a man and a guy by the signs of the zodiac?

Conquering the Taurus girl is definitely not easy, as she is unlikely to fall in love with a man with the opposite character. This young lady considers herself completely self-sufficient. She absolutely does not need a man to complement her. She needs an ally, comrade, like-minded person. The partner "telchiha" picks up, similar in temperament to her. Therefore, not all signs of the zodiac manage to conquer this interesting personality.

  • Aries - demonstrate your natural best qualities: determination, strength and reliability. But at the same time try to pacify your violent temper, so as not to push the calm girl Taurus.
  • Taurus - You have a good chance. Relating to one zodiac sign, you have similar interests and outlooks on life with such a girl. You both will always know what the partner wants. Show her that you are committed to a stable long-term relationship, as well as to increase capital.
  • Twins - despite the mutual strong sensual attraction, it will be difficult for you to understand each other. Your initiative and a fountain of ideas will certainly be of interest to the “heifer” at first, but then you will have to come to terms with the need to always be with your girlfriend and not give cause for jealousy. In addition, some “downside” of the chosen one can complicate your union.
  • Crayfish - It will be easy for you to conquer this young lady, just stay yourself. You have a lot in common with her: family values, dreams of a house with a beautiful garden. Talk to her about your aspirations, and listen to her yourself. If you want a long relationship, be prepared for the fact that you will have to abandon former friends and girlfriends. A jealous lady will not share you with anyone.
  • Lions - You can easily please Taurus, as there will always be a strong physical attraction between you. But it will be difficult for you to maintain relations, since both of you are not capable of submission and will always fight for your independence. In addition, your excessive generosity will first conquer the girl, but then it will cause her irritation. Therefore, be more accommodating and less wasteful.
Zodiac Relationships
  • Virgin - Your healthy practicality will surely appeal to the Taurus woman. Maybe passionate love between you will not happen, but a stable relationship is possible. Above all, do not forget to praise and thank the "heifer" for the care. And also give her a certain freedom of action.
  • Libra - alas! It will be very difficult for you to conquer a girl born under the sign of Taurus. You and her have completely different life principles. Therefore, in order to fall in love with her, and then hold her back, you will have to completely submit to her will.
  • Scorpions - Your sexual energy and passion will easily melt the heart of the sensual lady of Taurus. Your intimate life will be bright and intense. However, you need to be less jealous, and sacrifice a lot for the sake of love.
  • Sagittarius - besides physical attraction, you have nothing in common. In order for attachment to arise, you need to change yourself and your lifestyle: to become balanced, more serious and sedate.
  • Capricorns - You have excellent chances for a long lasting alliance. Your devotion and seriousness will please Taurus. But do not forget that this lady needs to be pampered with expensive gifts. So you have to be not so frugal.
  • Aquarius - For Taurus you are too windy and frivolous. Therefore, you will have to become more gradual, abandon the frequent fun companies and adventures.
  • Fish - You have a lot in common with Taurus: a love of comfort, beautiful things and luxury. More often talk with young ladies on similar topics, give them your warmth and warmth - then you will be successful. However, remember that you will have to overcome your natural laziness, as "heifers" are toilers who do not tolerate lazy people.

How to seduce a girl or a woman-Taurus?

To seduce a girl or woman born under the sign of Taurus, get ready for great material costs. Yes, these young ladies know their worth and love beautiful courtship. To achieve its location, listen to the advice of astrologers:

  • Do not rush things and do not fuss - Taurus is by its nature a sign unhurried and thorough. Therefore, be patient and do not force relationships.
  • Become a friend first - astrologers assure that the emergence of friendship and trusting relationships is an indispensable step on the road to seducing the heifer.
  • Create an atmosphere of luxury around her - take the object of your sympathy to expensive restaurants or other pleasant places. However, remember that for Taurus the interior of the institution, the quality of service, the appearance of the staff, a rich wine list, good cuisine are very important. Nothing escapes her attention. Therefore, before you take her somewhere, make sure of the impeccable reputation of the institution.
Seduce a Taurus Girl
  • Pamper and give her gifts - these girls adore gifts without a reason, but just like that.
  • Say a lot of compliments - Taurus loves praise, considering it absolutely deserved. And in their case, there is not much flattery.
  • Be courteous - always treat the girl as a Lady with a capital letter. Show your good manners more often.
  • Do not neglect the touch - the “calves” are very sensual, and tactile sensations are very important for them. Hold your lady under the elbow, as if accidentally touching her, and, skipping forward, slightly take.
  • Create a romantic setting - candles, a fire in the fireplace, skins on the floor, strawberries with champagne - all these movie tricks work great in seducing Taurus.

What do women and Taurus girls like in bed?

As the goddess of love Venus rules the zodiac of Taurus, erotica and sex play one of the most important roles in life in the life of “heifers”. And if she does not have a permanent man, then she easily enters into a relationship that will meet very specific goals. Ladies Taurus has the same pragmatic approach to the intimate sphere as to all other things. I must say that these women are the very personification of love and the master of seduction.

What to expect from your chosen one in sexual relations:

  • Taurus is quite demanding in bed, and will expect full return from you
  • to tune in the right way, the girl definitely needs a long and gentle foreplay
  • she is insatiable enough. A night with such a woman rarely ends with just one sexual intercourse; she always needs sexual repetitions
  • "calves" are extremely sensitive to touch - more often shower her with kisses, hug and gently stroke
  • she likes very active and intense sex
Seduce Taurus
  • passion and a storm of emotions are essential components of an intimate relationship
  • in sex Taurus are very relaxed and shamelessly enjoy intimate caresses
  • this woman loves not only to receive, but also to give in bed. She is a passionate and skilled lover, subtly feeling what a man needs
  • Taurus is a good partner. If you strive to please her, she will please you no less enthusiastically
  • the neck is perhaps the most erogenous zone on the body of the representative of Taurus. Do not forget to give enough caress to this gentle part of the body.
  • girls of this sign cannot stand any aggression in bed, even as a joke
  • Lady Taurus will definitely make you feel like you are just the king of sex

How to keep a girl or a woman-Taurus?

If a man managed to achieve the disposition of a woman born under this sign, then, as a rule, a strong and stable union awaits him. Astrologers argue that divorces in such ladies are rare.

The Taurus woman treats her partner wisely enough, turning a blind eye to some of his tricks and giving a certain freedom. She is faithful to her husband and very proud of him. His victories for her are no less important than their own. This woman is trying to make every effort so that her other half is comfortable and wants to return home.

Hold Taurus

Therefore, in order to maintain her interest and keep her close, you need not to disappoint her and make certain efforts:

  • Taurus girl should always be sure that you are faithful to her. Do not try to flirt her interest with other women. "Telchiha" will not tolerate this
  • create for your chosen one an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Always help her with household chores and value what she does
  • do not try to manipulate Taurus and do not force to do what she does not like. She will push against her "horns" with all her might and may even butt you
  • Do not be indulgent towards your “heifer”. She does not have to wait all the time for your approval, but she must be sure that she is such a woman that you always dreamed about
  • Taurus do not tolerate lazy people, parasites and gigolos
  • do not forget that with an increase in material wealth, the Taurus girl’s love only strengthens
  • more often say how she is dear to you and how you value her
  • do not be wasteful - Taurus does not like to waste money, unless, of course, you spend it on her beloved
  • do not offend your “heifer” - she may not show that she is hurt, but this woman remembers the insults for a long time and will surely take revenge sooner or later

What compliments do Taurus girls and women like?

Like all women, Taurus girls like compliments. However, they prefer the praises not of their external data, but of their talents and abilities. Therefore, if you want to say nice words to a girl or woman born under this sign, praise the following:

  • excellent taste - be sure to tell how the apartment of Lady Taurus is harmoniously furnished, how her dress and shoes fit well and what spectacular jewelry she chose
  • the ability to create harmony around you and a pleasant atmosphere
  • her achievements - do not skimp on praise about her successful career, the right decisions, a stable life position
Compliments for Taurus
  • well-groomed appearance - since these ladies spend a lot of time taking care of themselves, they will be glad that you noticed their manicure, delicate skin, shiny hair and perfume
  • culinary talents - for women Taurus it is very important to feed everyone tasty. Do not skimp on good words about their cooking. They will be pleased that you appreciated their work.

What to give a girl Taurus for Birthday, New Year?

As mentioned earlier, Taurus girls are incredible aesthetes, but at the same time, people are pragmatic and quite picky. A gift for them should be both beautiful and useful.

What can be presented to such an extraordinary person:

  • interior and decor - Ladies Taurus love their home, constantly furnish and decorate it. At the same time, they prefer furniture or lamps that are stable, with massive legs, of a classic type.
  • jewelry - Large, even massive gold or silver jewelry, preferably with precious stones. Taurus adore changing jewelry headsets often. In addition, they consider jewelry a good investment. And remember: no, even very expensive, jewelry.
  • perfume - Women love expensive perfumes, preferring light floral scents.
  • furs - All ladies love fur coats, and Taurus especially. After all, tactile sensations are very important for them. They are pleased to palm on soft, affectionate fur.
  • beautiful erotic lingerie - “heifers” is a sensual and sexy sign and adores beautiful intimate paraphernalia.
  • leather accessories - these girls like to change handbags and belts for each dress or shoes. Therefore, clutches, bags, wallets, thongs - this is something that in the wardrobe of a self-respecting "heifer" does not happen much.
  • sets for business women - Taurus are proud of their achievements at work and career growth. Therefore, you can give elegant office sets, but only those that will be emphasized by ladies.
  • beautiful dishes or kitchen gadgets - since these girls are fond of cooking and love to set the table beautifully, they will not take such gifts as an insult to their female dignity.
  • money - no need to fear that it is not very romantic. Pragmatic Taurus will gladly accept such a gift, and they themselves will buy what they want.
Gift to the woman Taurus

To please the lady of Taurus with your gift, consider the following:

  • the gift must be expensive, even very expensive. So you show the girl your special attitude to her. Believe me, she will definitely appreciate it.
  • gifts should be material, and leave a memory from the holiday. Therefore, don’t give away tickets for a concert and an exhibition, arrange for balloon flights or order fireworks. Taurus will consider it a waste of money.
  • external paraphernalia is also important! Do not be lazy, and beautifully pack your gift.
  • choose a gift that emphasizes the status of a woman or will relate to her hobbies.
  • flowers and sweets by these ladies are perceived favorably, but only in addition to the main gift.
  • it is allowed to engrave a commemorative inscription. This will show that you did not just buy an item, but also showed attention to the personality of the young lady, making additional efforts to design.
  • women of this sign are realists, therefore they do not like useless gifts. So don’t give away souvenirs that are hard to find.
  • do not overdo it with a sense of humor - these ladies, of course, can joke. But the process of presenting a gift is considered a serious matter.
  • for Taurus young ladies, the element of surprise is not necessary at all. You can ask her directly what she wants to receive as a gift, and she will be happy to tell and tell you exactly where she sells the thing she likes, and what is the cost.
  • instead of a pile of pleasant small gifts, the Taurus woman will prefer one large one.

As you can see, choosing gifts for Taurus is not such a simple matter. However, having pleased this discriminating person, you will forever win its location and gain a reliable friend.

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