What is the difference between jelly and aspic, zelsa, saltison: comparison, similarities and differences

In the article you will learn about how and how such dishes as saltison, brawn and jelly differ.

What is jelly, aspic: definition

Slavic cuisine is very rich and there is an abundance of various dishes from vegetables, pastries and, of course, meat. Jellied meat in Russian cuisine has its own name - "jelly". In the original, the jelly is made from beef, while the jelly, from pork and even poultry.

Jelly is usually called a meat dish, which is served on a cold table. Jelly should be cooked for a very long time until the meat is soft, and the broth is saturated and rich. In the jelly be sure to add such parts of the body of the carcass as the legs and head (previously peeled and scorched, washed in several waters).

INTERESTING: In the original "real" jelly there should be all 4 legs of mascara and always a head with all contents (including brains and tongue). In no case should gelatin be added to the jelly, gelling substances must be present in the composition of the beef drumstick and head, which make it dense and thick.

The modern "jelly" is the popular name of the dish, which has taken root purely associative (after all, it is really cooled). Often, when preparing a dish of chicken, the hostesses add gelatin to it, since there are few substances in the bird that can thicken the mass.

INTERESTING: In the Old Slavic cuisine, jelly was called only sweet berry drinks, which were usually drunk cold.

Jelly Jelly

What is Brawn and Saltison: Definition

Many do not distinguish Saltison from brawn, however, these two meat dishes have serious differences.

Saltison is a kind of sausage, which is usually prepared (cooked) from pork offal (heart, kidneys, tongue, lungs, liver). At the same time, the brawn is cooked only from the pork head (you can add lard in small quantities) and the pork stomach (natural shell) is sutured.

INTERESTING: Saltison is a name from Italian cuisine, while brawn refers to Polish.

Saltison Brawn

What is the difference between jelly and aspic, zelsa, saltison: comparison, similarities and differences

Dish nameWhat meat is usedWhat parts of the carcass are usedWhat does the dish look like
SaltisonPorkOffalPressed sausage
BrawnPorkHeadPressed lump
JellyBeefHead and legsPoured into the mold
JellyPork, chicken, beef, turkeyMeat or offalPoured into the mold

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