Best congratulations on the Holy Trinity in SMS, poetry and prose. Beautiful Christian congratulations on the Trinity official, short, sincere

The article offers you interesting options for congratulations on the Trinity in SMS, poems and prose.

Congratulations on the holiday of the Trinity of friends in SMS, poems, and prose

Trinity is a great Orthodox holiday with which you should definitely congratulate your loved ones, relatives and friends.

May grace and peace come into your heart with the Trinity. Be blessed and happy! Happy changes in life and may the Holy Trinity keep you safe!

Blessed Trinity! Be healthy and may God hear all your prayers on this day! May your good desire come true and life be filled with the love of loved ones!

Blessed be God! May the Holy Trinity Protect Your Family and protects you from any troubles! May the sun shine on you every day and life will be merry!

Trinity is happy,
The Trinity the Great!
On the stretch stretches
Happiness is many-sided!

On the Feast of the TrinityI wish you good health
To meet a warm wind
And there was no reason for tears!

Beautiful, good holiday of God,
Love to you - this gift is more precious
All earthly blessings and grace
May this holiday please you!

I wish you happiness and graceMay God's love be enough for you today
May the Trinity protect you from troubles,
And life presents a lot of victories!

Blessed be GodSorrows, sorrows forget
The Trinity protects you,
He wishes you to be healthy!

Beautiful morning today,
Happy good sky!
May the Trinity protect you
And your relatives, wherever you are!

The path is like warm rainGrace descends upon you
May the Trinity bring you
Good that God can give you!

Beautiful and original congratulations on the Trinity

Congratulations on Trinity to daughter, son in SMS, poems, and prose

Be blessed of the Lord, my daughter! May every your business be faithful and righteous, kind and happy. May the Trinity bring you favorable changes!

Daughter, happy and kind Trinity! Be young and beautifulmay God give you health and faith in a happy future!

Good changes and happiness to you in the Trinity! Be beautiful and may God bless you for good deeds!

The Great Trinity HolyHe embraces you with his warmth
She gives you Sunday
Dreams, wishes fulfillment!

The birch blossomed
Our land rejoices!
Let Trinity take away the tears
Save from any evil!

May your heart fill joyMay your mind be free from problems
May the Trinity of dreams fulfill everything,
Will bring in your life more changes!

The temple sparkles with smiles of happinessThe house is painted with lush greenery
Let fear and bad weather leave you
Gather everyone's holiday at the table!

Trinity has come to your home -
Bright, good holiday,
May happiness shine around
And life gives you joy!

The sun will warm youGive a blessing
The way love your heart warms
And gives you inspiration!

How to congratulate loved ones on the Trinity Day?

Congratulations on trinity to mom, father in SMS, poems, and prose

Dear Mom! I wish you great health in Trinity and the belief that everything will be fine. May the Lord kiss you and give his blessing!

Beloved mom! I wish you to be happy in Trinity and carry this joy through the whole year! Ask the Lord for health and he will definitely give it to you!

Mom, Happy Trinity Day to you! Be happy, Believe in the best and life will certainly sparkle with joyful colors!

May your happiness doubleHealth to you, understanding,
May the Trinity give you joy
And will reward you for your efforts!

Like a birch twig freshLife will sparkle with colors.
May the Trinity give you hope
And love will fill your thoughts!

How light and clean in the templeSo today at heart!
Happiness is just around the corner
Life is getting prettier with the Trinity!

Bright day - Trinity the GreatWill bring a change, take everything famously
Will give joyful days
There are lights in love in the eyes!

A lush, well-fed tableHappy family and children
Today Trinity, around
Love, goodness and the sun is shining!

Pick up a bouquet todayOf green fresh herbs,
May the soul be free
Trinity will soften your temper!

What to write in a congratulatory SMS to Trinity relatives?

Congratulations on a trinity to a colleague in SMS, poems, and prose

Dear Colleagues! Happy Trinity Day! Be blessed successful, healthy and happy. May Trinity give you inspiration and a large supply of strength!

Dear Colleagues! On the day of the Holy Trinity, I wish you great changes in life: kind and happy. Be righteous and loved by the Lord!

With Trinity, dear colleagues! May God give you his lovemay Trinity protect from any troubles and problems!

Trinity is a happy holiday,Divine, very beautiful
May your wishes come true
Disappointments will go away!

May happiness come with you
And a lot of grace
So the holiday is not in vain
Could family gather at the table!

The earth shines with joy
Sparks faith in miracles!
The Trinity is my protector
Mountains and forests shine with beauty!

Sunny warm rayThe trinity comes to us
I wish you the very best
Let your home fill the joy!

On the Great Trinity DayLet the good triple
May happiness be affectionate
And life is just a fairy tale!

Let him laugh and be in full swing
Your life, love and joy.
Let the Trinity fill with warmth
And give you only sweetness!

Options for greeting trinity SMS

Official trinity congratulations to the chief, head of the district, administration

Dear (name and patronymic of your boss)! I congratulate you on the great Orthodox holiday - the Great Trinity! Be blessed and happy!

Dear (name and patronymic of your boss)! Let me congratulate you on the Trinity and wish you great health, creative success and happy changes in life!

Holy Father, Son and Spirit,
They say prayers to you out loud
So that the Trinity is happy
And life is so easy and beautiful!

Holy day today
We celebrate Trinity today.
Sun in the sky
Gives love and joy!

The forest is playing with greenery
The sun shines brightly.
Many fabulous wonders
Bring you the Trinity!

The heart is happily Orthodox
The sun smiles joyfully.
On the day of the Trinity - the glorious day,
My soul is calm and sweet!

Rejoice in the earth, sing!Righteous day with you
Happiness is a big portion,
After all, the Trinity has come.

The apostles were baptized today
On Trinity Day, earth and people rejoice.
May what was promised come true
May youth come in exchange for old age!

Congratulations in prose and verses on the day of the Trinity

Beautiful sincere congratulations with a trinity to her friend

Expensive! Today is not an easy day - today is Trinity! I wish you great personal happiness, believe in God and the Lord will always be with you in deeds, heart, thoughts.

Darling! I want to congratulate you on the occasion of the Trinity and wish the favorable changes in life that the Lord and faith in a happy future will bring!

Exactly 50 days have passed,We spent Easter, we remembered loved ones,
Today, Trinity is a big date,
May everyone be happy and satisfied!

Sunday is love and joyIn the shower from the holiday only sweetness
Pentecost has arrived
And the whole earth has become happy!

Long prepared for the holiday,
The church and the house decorated
Trinity - a very joyful day,
May the year be fruitful!

Let us kneel before the TrinityWe give our respect to her.
May your desires come true
Do not lose hope and belief!

The "feast of life" has now come,Rejoices both male and old!
Trinity has opened love for all
And sadness took away that in the soul remained!

Recently only remembered all the dead,
Today with Trinity we triumph
Let only good things be in your life,
Lord let your heart kiss!

Good afternoon today
Today is the Trinity Day,
Lilac blooms for you
No worries.

Lights are burning for youIn the hearts, eyes of all loved ones
Holy Ghost moment
Fill your mind!

Options for SMS and congratulations for loved ones in Trinity

How to congratulate the trinity of her husband and beloved?

Favourite! May the Trinity bring favorable changes to your lifeand peace and joy in the heart. May God protect you from any troubles and give you great health!

Dear! May the Trinity bring change to your life and the Lord will forever keep you from any negative!

On Saturday I remembered the people of the departed,
And on Sunday we celebrate only life.
Pentecost will take the sins with it,
In the soul and in the mind will leave only good and happiness!

Give up work today, believer,
Set it aside the next day
Open your heart to Trinity
And let the soul calm down!

In the kitchens, the housewives cook
In churches, the people profess.
All Trinity gives joy only
So that the soul could calm down.

Drop work and labors,
This day only needs to be celebrated,
So that the shadow of trouble does not touch you,
To sparkle the heart with joy.

Ways to congratulate loved ones on Trinity

How to congratulate my wife and beloved on a trinity?

Darling Today in Trinity, I want Grace and Trinity descend on you I could protect you from any evil. Live in your heart with kindness and love for the world!

Expensive! I want the Trinity to protect you from any negativity and you were able to live happily. Bul is loved and blessed!

Birch in the wind dancing,
Gives everyone joy and goodness,
Today the church is triumphant
The Great Trinity is warm!

The Trinity will give you faith
In a happy vibrant life
And gives you all a change
Love and kind thoughts!

Today the temple rejoicesSings, blooms nature.
Good is knocking on your door
The sun is laughing from the sky!

Best congratulations to Trinity loved ones

What to answer to congratulations on the trinity?

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heartHappy Great Trinity Day,
May your days be good
May they all be warmed with love!

The sky is sparkling with loveIn Trinity, a great day.
The soul is calm on this day
and the Lord forgives mistakes.

Pray today, sinner
God will forgive you with good.
After Trinity successful
And life will be happy!

Today everyone will be forgiven,Who will pray to the Lord.
God will forget all your sins,
Blessed Trinity!

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