How to draw simple beautiful patterns on nails with foil, gel polish, varnish, rhinestones, sand, acrylic paints with a toothpick and brush, dots, needles?

It happens that you need to attend some kind of party, but there are not enough funds to go to the beauty salon. In this case, you can arrange a beauty salon at home.

In particular, you can easily make yourself a chic manicure that suits your outfit. Next, let's talk about how to draw patterns on the nails with various tools on their own.

Nail patterns for beginners step by step

A neatly executed picture in the form of a pattern always delights others. Moreover, various experiments are welcome. If you master the general technique of performing these drawings, then to perform a complex design is not difficult.

Delicate wedding manicure - patterns with rhinestones

This technique (drawings on the nails) is callednail art. Beginners for drawing are recommended to use the following fixtures:

  • Special brushes for creating patterns on the plates of nails
  • Dots, needles of different thicknesses
  • Toothpicks
  • Lint-free wipes
Pattern brushes

In what sequence is the pattern on the nails created?

  1. First coat the nail plates with a colorless, protective varnish. This will prevent damage to them, protect from all kinds of scratches when creating drawings with sharp objects.
  2. Apply base - varnish that you have chosen as the basis for the pattern, rest for ten minutes, until it dries
  3. Start creating patterns
  4. Let the drawings dry
  5. Then fix the result with a fixative
Nail design. Very beautiful pattern on a green base

How to draw a pattern on nails with a brush?

To create a masterpiece on nails with a brush, you will need at least some experience in drawing. After all, if drawing is not available for you, then it will be very, very difficult to make a sophisticated pattern on the nail plates.

Because the lines should be smooth not to break, in addition, the pressure of the brush also needs to withstand the desired thickness. Otherwise, a manicure can turn into sloppy blots on the nails.

How to draw with a brush patterns (monograms) on nails?

The order of creating the pattern:

  1. Prepare your nails, make even ends, get rid of the cuticle, polish the surface
  2. Apply coating
  3. As the transparent layer dries, paint your nails with a base varnish
  4. Now take a brush, start drawing patterns from the tip of the nail
  5. When the pattern dries, apply a fixative varnish
Beautiful manicure with patterns, flowers, made by brush.

IMPORTANT: Before creating a stylish drawing on the nails with a brush, practice on paper. Still for such a design, you need to choose a brush of good quality made of natural material so that the villi do not climb out and puff in different directions.

How to draw a pattern on nails with a toothpick, needle?

So that the patterns on the nail plates do not merge, choose contrasting shades of varnishes. If the tones will not differ much from each other, you will get a fuzzy pattern, the pictures will merge. Even beginners can create a picture with a toothpick, a needle. It is enough to study the technique and procedure.

Original pattern created by a toothpick on nail plates with a red base

Tools and materials for patterning with a needle, toothpick:

  • Varnishes for drawings, base, retainer
  • Manicure scissors, nail file
  • Needles, toothpick
  • Sponge, fluid to get rid of extra strokes around the nail plate
Manicure with a toothpick and needles of various thicknesses

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare the field of activity - tidy your nails
  2. Apply a coating so that subsequently do not scratch the plates of the nails
  3. After drying, paint the nails with a foundation
  4. Put dots in the right places or draw lines
  5. Take a toothpick and gently stretch patterns on the surface of the nail from dots or lines
  6. When everything is dry, fix the drawings and the base so that the manicure does not deteriorate after the first washing up
Cute patterns on the nails, drawn with a needle, a brush

Dotted nail designs

Dots has found widespread use in nail design due to its ease of use. Using this tool, you can draw patterns of various shapes with rounded lines of different thicknesses. Moreover, the thickness of the lines depends on the size of the dots ball.

Bright Dots Nail Design

In addition, dots can put dots on the nail plates, draw various lines and display flower petals. Next, see examples of interesting drawings on nails with such a tool.

Symmetrical Dotted Nail Art A simple dots pattern on the nails. Strawberry

IMPORTANT: If there is no such instrument at hand, then an ordinary ampoule will replace it with you. Ampoule patterns are no worse than dots.

Patterns on nails

With the help of schemes you can draw unusual patterns on the nails. Thanks to such auxiliary materials, a beautiful design is obtained, and you do not need to invent anything, it is enough to create drawings on arrows, lines, points, directions.

Schemes for creating a design of nail plates

Geometric patterns on the nails.

If you decide to draw various geometric shapes on the nails, then choose contrasting colors. If straight lines are not your hobby, then use auxiliary materials for drawing - plaster tapes. See below for examples of work.

Bright geometric pattern on the nails Design short nails. Geometric patterns Geometric pattern on long nails.

Original patterns on the nails

See examples of original drawings on nail plates.

Beautiful, stylish pattern on long nails Oriental-style nail patterns Original patterns on nails from the stylist

Dotted nails

The dot patterns look stylish and at the same time fun if they are done carefully and the color scheme is chosen correctly.

Stylish manicure with patterns and dots.

Black patterns on the nails

Thanks to the clear boundaries of the drawings and the contrast, the black patterns on the nail plates look strictly and at the same time beautiful.

Beautiful pattern on nails by a professional craftsman White French with a pattern

Patterns on nails with acrylic paints

The advantage of this material is as follows:

  • Great color scheme. Also, if you mix paints, you can get many different shades
  • It’s easy to apply paints to the plates of nails and it’s easy to make beautiful patterns with acrylic
  • Acrylic can be painted on any varnish, including gel
  • No need to use lamps for drying, acrylic dries in a few minutes just in the air
Acrylic for manicure

IMPORTANT: After the design of nails with acrylic paints, the surface must be covered with a transparent fastener. Otherwise, the paint will not last long.

Acrylic Nail Patterns

Patterns on nails gel polish

To gel polish hardens on the nails, special UV lamps are used. They make patterns in the following sequence:

  1. Process the nail plates with buff and degrease with a primer
  2. Apply the base, dried in a UV lamp
  3. Then they draw patterns (with a brush, dots, toothpicks or a needle)
  4. Then dried in a lamp
  5. Top coat
  6. Dry, remove the upper, sticky layer
French manicure with a pattern painted with gel polish

Nail polishes

See below patterns made by various tools with varnish.

Beautiful pattern on square nails Stylish drawing on manicure for the New Year holidays.

Foil Nail Patterns

In order to get a stylish nail design suitable for an evening outfit, you can use foil. It is sold in cosmetics stores and can be transferable, not transferable.

Transferable - This is a ready-made small drawing that is easily transferred to the nails. BUT not transferable still need to trim yourself and glue with gel polish, acrylic, a transparent fixative.

Gold foil pattern on nails

Rhinestones on nails

Again, now there are no problems with the purchase of various materials for manicure, including the purchase of rhinestones. Using these stones of different sizes, you can make stylish patterns on the nails.

Wedding pattern on nails made of rhinestones of extraordinary beauty Chic manicure with a pattern of rhinestones

Patterns of stones on the nails

To make the manicure look chic, make nails with stones. It is difficult to tear your eyes from multi-colored stones, especially if the design is done with taste. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Manicure with liquid stones on a long, square Gentle manicure with a pattern and stones

Sand patterns on nails

Velvet sand on the nail plates gives the impression of a three-dimensional pattern. To keep it well, first apply gel polish to the nails, and then sprinkle the patterns with sand. Remove excess.

How to make a pattern on the nails with sand? Delicate sand pattern on marigolds

What pattern to draw on the nails?

After viewing the article and pictures with the original nail design patterns, you can in any way choose the manicure that suits your clothes.

Patterned manicure hand-painted brush

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