How to draw a beautiful Snow Queen with a pencil in stages for children? Drawing of the Snow Queen from a fairy tale for children

Learning to draw your favorite fairy-tale characters: The Snow Queen for children and beginners, artists.

Strict and heartless, arrogant and adamant - the keeper of the ice kingdom The Snow Queen, one of the central heroines of the eponymous children's fairy tale.
She is very beautiful and mysterious.
It will be very interesting to draw a portrait of the mistress after reading a fairy tale or watching a cartoon.
It is better to immediately capture the emotions received from meeting the queen on paper. So it turns out more lively and natural.

How to beautifully draw the Snow Queen with a pencil in stages for children?

Any, even the simplest, drawing should begin with the child.
This is an excellent occasion to spend interesting and useful joint leisure.
To start the creative process prepare a clean sheet and pencils.

Getting started with drawing:

  • Do auxiliary lineswith the help of which it will be very simple to draw a face.
It is very easy to draw the Snow Queen with the help of auxiliary lines.
  • Using the base sketch, form just below the circle chin and facial contours.
Making the contours of the face to draw the Snow Queen
  • With the help of auxiliary lines we make sketches strict eyes queens.
  • Do not forget to add on the upper eyelid beautiful, fluffy cilia.
Sketching the eyes
  • Draweyeballs
  • The pupils are decorated with white highlights to give mystery and expressiveness to the eyes.
  • Eyebrows draw a little shifted
Revive the queen by adding shiny pupils
  • Long and right nose draw using a vertical line
  • Nose and nose make thin
  • Nostrils expand a bit
  • Add mouth
  • Lips draw taut without a smile
  • Face should be displeased and strictbecause the heroine never laughs
Thin lips and a straight nose are necessary elements of the image of a strict queen
  • The queen cannot be without crowns
  • Endow it with this magnificent symbol
  • We place the headgear just above the forehead, as shown in the example
  • We make the crown sharp triangular edges
Without a crown, it is impossible to emphasize the greatness of the heroine
  • Add beautiful twig pattern
Add an additional picture
  • We make beautiful thin neckflowing smoothly into smooth shoulders
  • Draw the lines of the long bedspreads for the crown
We draw a neck.
  • Clearly draw all details
  • Our queen is ready
We bring the finishing touches

Video: How to draw the Snow Queen: instructions from EvriKak

How to draw the crown of the Snow Queen?

Depending on the artist’s skills, the crown of the lady of the kingdom of snow and ice can be drawn in different ways,
Option 1. We draw a crown for children

  1. Start with crown bases. To do this, draw in the middle of a sheet of paper rectangle.
  2. In the center of the base and over it we sketch two bends
  3. Add triangles passing them through the upper line to the center.
  4. Decorate with precious stones in the form of circles
  5. We erase auxiliary lines.
  6. Clearly draw contours.
  7. Colorize crown to your taste.
Draw the crown of the Snow Queen

Option 2 The complicated way.
A more difficult option for artists, having sufficient skill in drawing.

  1. The foundation remains the same rectangle.
  2. Add the connecting curved line between the left and right upper corners of the figure.
  3. Sketches two identical curves inside the rectangle.
  4. On a mid-uneven line, draw zigzags.
  5. Connect the center lines of the zigzags and the lower curve are even lines, small circles at the tips.
  6. When drawing a crown, we take into account the fact that it has regular geometric shape.
  7. Add circles in the center of the zigzags is a place for gems.
  8. We make out outer circles - this will add volume to the image.
  9. Delete all the extra lines.
  10. We do all the contours and details more clear.
  11. Colorize or shade the crown at your discretion.
Draw the crown of the Snow Queen

Drawing of the Snow Queen from a fairy tale for children

To simplify the drawing process for children as much as possible, we will depict portrait of the snow queen.

  • Do sketch of the basics drawing. To do this, draw a vertical line exactly in the middle of the sheet.
  • We draw the head and chest, placing them in the middle of the axis.
We draw a fabulous Snow Queen
  • We finish corset drawing additional details to make it look like an snowflake-shaped ice.
We draw a fabulous Snow Queen for children
  • We make outlines faces
Draw the Snow Queen
  • Draw the head.
  • We make the upper part of the forehead a little wavy, since the beginning of the crown has this shape.
We draw a beautiful Snow Queen
  • Come back to suit
  • All sketches made connect one line
We draw a portrait of the Snow Queen
  • Picture crowns make as ice piecesas shown in the example.
Draw the Snow Queen
  • Face the empress like ice and cold
  • We draw clear, correct traits
  • Eyes elongated form we cover with eyelashes shrouded in hoarfrost
Draw your favorite fairy-tale heroine
  • We clarify a few of details, as it shown on the picture
Draw the Snow Queen
  • Coloring the ice pride, cold blue and blue tones.
Coloring the portrait of the Snow Queen

Video: The Snow Queen. Watercolor

  • The proposed options for drawing methods are simple and interesting.
  • They will help parents in raising children to develop such qualities as: perseverance, patience, attentiveness, responsibility.
  • Thanks to the sketches made by a pencil it is possible to color drawings with any flowers.
  • Combining different colors, we teach the child to achieve different colors, having in the presence of pencils or paints in just a few colors.
  • All this contributes to the development of the child’s imagination and desire to further and further understand the creative process of drawing.

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