The dog drinks a lot of water and urinates: reason. How much water should a dog drink per day is normal?

Why does your dog drink a lot of water and then burp? Why is an animal thirsty in winter? You will find answers to these questions in this one.

If you made yourself a four-legged friend, then it would not hurt to study all the subtleties of caring for a dog. These faithful animals are not always cheerful, playful. Sometimes they have various health problems. Unfortunately, they cannot say about them. The owner should be more attentive to the pet, notice all sorts of little things in changing his behavior. Even the fact that the dog begins to drink plenty of fluids for no particular reason can signal serious illness. Consider this issue in detail.

The dog drinks a lot of water and urinates: the reason

There are approximate norms of fluid intake per day for our smaller brothers. An adult dog can drink liquid in approximately the same amount - 45-65 ml per day per kilogram of live weight. But dogs do not understand anything about this, so often such restrictions are violated. If these deviations from the standards are small, then that's okay. When a four-legged one drinks and drinks a liquid literally after a short period of time, then he often urinates - this is already abnormal.

Dog Colds - Thirst

Causes of Pet Water Abundant Consumption:

  • Thirst torments in summer sultry days not only people, but also fluffy animals. When it's hot, the dog eats less and drinks more.
  • An important factor in the consumption of high amounts of water is the diet. Those pets that eat regular food (porridge, meat, vegetables) drink much less than their counterparts that eat dry food.
  • Adults do not always notice how children feed their furry friends. Often they give puppies sweets, ice cream, other sweets that cause intense thirst in dogs.
  • Viral infections, high temperature also affect the rate of fluid intake. After all, it is the activation of immunity that provokes the loss of a large amount of water from the body of animals. As a result - they need to replenish it.
  • Stressful situations, fear - cause thirst in pets. Pain also affects drinking.
  • Pregnant animals consume more fluid when the dog is in heat, it is also thirsty.
  • Ulcer, diabetes, kidney pathology, poisoning, pyroplasmosis, hepatitis, uterine inflammation, age-related changes in the body (in old age) - cause increased water consumption.
Causes of Dog Thirst

IMPORTANT: Do not take water from pets, if they drink it eagerly, try to give the liquid in small portions, so as not to overload the kidneys. Do not delay visiting a veterinarian with a dog if there are any problems.

Does a dog need water in winter?

In winter, the pet that lives on the street should have water. In the cold, the animal also can not without fluid. Therefore, a person must provide at least a three-time replacement of the dog's drinker as the water freezes in the cold. Do not think that snow can replace the four-legged drink.

Winter liquid intake for dogs

Dog drinks a lot of water in winter: reason

In the winter, the above diseases can also occur in animals and that is why pets begin to consume excessively liquid. Among other things, if heaters work in the room, dry the air, then the dog is often thirsty. To get rid of the problem, purchase humidifiers or just put a container of liquid.

The use of certain dosage forms (diuretics, various hormones, anticonvulsants) affect the amount of fluid consumed.

In winter, the risk of acquiring infectious diseases is growing. If a furry friend has a weakened immune system, then there may be a cold.

The reasons for this condition in animals are the following factors:

  • ornamental breeds are common diseases, as they have a weak gene pool
  • hypothermia, wet paws entail unpleasant consequences in pets aged
  • improper maintenance, poor nutrition lead to a weakened immune system
  • communicating with sick brethren can also be a source of health problems.
Dog drinks a lot of water in winter - why?

IMPORTANT: For the treatment of catarrhal infections, the pet should be provided with comfortable conditions, given a warm drink, and limited walks in the fresh air.

The dog eagerly drinks water and immediately burps: the reason

If a dog eagerly drinks water after eating, and then burps, then in most cases there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps the animal simply does not control its "appetite." Or this happens due to overexcitation, stress, outdoor games.

Dog Thirst

IMPORTANT: If vomiting occurs regularly after drinking in adult dogs, then it may have problems with the digestive tract, blockage or malformation of the esophagus from birth. You cannot do without the help of a specialist doctor.

How much water should a dog drink per day is normal and what water should she give for drinking?

Already a little was mentioned about the norms of fluid intake by the dog. A pet can drink from 45 to 65 ml of water per kilogram of weight per day. Drinking should be clean. It is better to give water that has passed pre-treatment or flowing water, if it is of normal quality.

Drinking from natural clean sources is suitable. It is allowed to pour pet bottled, non-carbonated water. The main thing is that it is always fresh. Change the liquid in the drinker several times a day so that there are no harmful bacteria, then the four-legged friend will delight you with his good mood and charge you with positive.

What water is suitable for a dog to drink?

Take a closer look at the smaller brothers. Do not be lazy to change stagnant water in a bowl. Keep your dog healthy. In cases of abnormal pet behavior, do not be lazy to visit a veterinarian so that irreversible consequences do not occur. Then your friend will repay you with kindness, loyalty, bring many joyful minutes to your life.

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