The most beautiful islands of Greece that everyone should visit: top 12 islands

The islands of Greece are very attractive - once they are on them, it is no longer possible to throw out their beauty and harmony from their heads. The lush vegetation, the abundance of marine life in the coastal blue waters and the mysterious corners of nature, where the human foot rarely steps.

The next article will introduce you to the most beautiful of them, but the choice is yours to plunge into an almost unearthly beauty or choose one of the popular resorts.

The most beautiful islands of Greece that everyone should visit

Top 12 most beautiful islands of Greece:

  1. Mykinos Island, Greece
  • Legends In accordance with ancient legends, the island was named after its ruler Mykonos, a descendant of the great god Apollo. All this happened many hundreds of years before the battle of Zeus with the titans.
  • Modernity: Mykonos today is practically Ibiza. Summer for youngsters takes place according to an established scenario: during the day - hanging out on the beach, after dark - dancing in nightclubs until dawn. At first glance, the landscape attracts with stone-covered roads, windmill mills, white villages and, of course, the bright blue sea. Few people in Europe know about this island, so, except for July and August, there are practically no tourists. For lovers of a quiet, secluded holiday, this place is ideal.
  • "Eden" beaches: Mykonos is famous for its beaches - not without reason they are considered paradise. Even their names are appropriate: Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach.
  1. Paros island, Greece
  • Legends According to legend, the welfare of the island is directly related to the extraction and sale of marble, the best in Greece. This material was extremely appreciated by sculptors - statues of the goddess of Victory and the goddess of Love were sculpted from it.
  • Modernity: Marble mines have not been operating for many years, and the island receives income from the tourism business. Nevertheless, there are not so many visitors who value a good rest. Arriving in Paros with children, you are guaranteed to get a relaxing, relaxing holiday (or a week if you like) without unnecessary “movement”. Of the active pastime, they offer windsurfing or kiting (the west coast).
  • Eden Beaches: Ambelas is a remote and quiet beach of the island, one of those corners where you can stay alone with nature (only 5 km from the village of Naousa in the northern part of Paros).
  1. Hydra Island, Greece
  • Legends In ancient times, nothing grand happened on Hydra (Hydra). The island "cruised" between the rulers of various Greek kingdoms, for some time was annexed by Italy, then - to Turkey. Some years the island was completely abandoned.
  • Modernity: If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of civilization, without phones and the Internet, Hydra is ideal for you. The island, due to its remote location and a small population (no more than 2000 people), has a quiet and relaxing holiday, walks in the shade of trees and flowers, enjoying the sea air in the snow-white bays. In addition, on the island it is forbidden to use a car or even a moped - only horses and donkeys. The air here is clean, and the starry sky at night seems immense.
  • "Eden beaches: There is never a crowd of visitors; Mandraki is considered one of the quietest beaches. There are two ways to get there - rent a boat or walk for 30 minutes.
  1. Rhodes Island, Greece
  • Legends Before the advent of Christ, Rhodes was known for one of the 7 Wonders of the World - the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes. It is also known that somewhere on the island closest to him, a young Julius Caesar was held captive by the corsairs, for whom the murderers helped out a decent jackpot
  • Modernity: The island is located near the beautiful Turkish beach - the Oludeniz lagoon. In addition, Rhodes today is famous for its historical monuments, for example, the old Rhodes of the Middle Ages, as well as a natural mini-reserve, "Butterfly Gorge", where you can see many different species during certain summer seasons, namely July-August. graceful moths.
  • Eden Beaches: A beautiful beach that resembles a lake in shape (St. Paul's Cove in Lindos is hidden from view) is a favorite place for young spouses. Weddings often take place here, followed by a romantic honeymoon.
  1. Naxos Island, Greece
  • Legends The Greeks, by and large, do not care whether the god Dionysus was born on their island or whether he patronizes this piece of land. In any case, God is revered and the "bacchanalia" in his honor are grandiose.
  • Modernity: Naxos today is known for its ouzo from anise, lemon liquor and lovely Byzantine-style churches under the canopy of olive trees and thickets of “wine” berries.
  • "Eden" beaches: Shimmering gold sand, blue with a greenish tint of the sea - this is a beach in the bay of St. Procopius, rightfully considered one of the best.
The best beaches
  1. Skiathos Island, Greece
  • Legends Once upon a time, thanks to the island, Tsar Leonid and his army of 300 Spartan soldiers defeated the Xerxes fleet, which was shipwrecked off the coast of Skiathos and, thus, the Greek army deprived the Persians of a chance to replenish supplies.
  • Modernity: Skiathos’s popularity skyrocketed when filming Mamma Mia! in 2008, which were held on the beaches of the island. Now Skiathos is the focus of fans of the ABBA group, romantic natures, as well as lovers of exoticism combined with the exquisite simplicity of the local species.
  • "Eden" beaches: The snow-white beach of Aselinos, surrounded by clear blue water, simply can not leave you indifferent. Here you can settle in a hotel or rent one of the few villas. Arriving at the height of the season, you can still enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday.
Beautiful view
  1. Milos Island, Greece
  • Legends It was believed that Milos - one of the Cyclades, appeared on the surface of the Aegean at the behest of the god Poseidon. These islands were once beautiful mollusks, until the angry deity of the sea turned them into stretches of land. So the Cyclades archipelago arose.
  • Modernity: The island has one of eight Greek volcanoes. Scientists managed to take pictures of Milos from space - the island itself is noticeably reminiscent of a once-active volcano. There is no need to worry about the "dormant" volcano - it has been inactive for a long time. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, swim in the azure water, relax on the beaches in a "necklace" of dazzling white mountains.
  • "Eden" beaches: Sea water of bluish-green tones, a coast dotted with pebbles of the color of ocher and rosewood, bordered by a ridge of mountains. Paliohori is the name of the most colorful beach in the whole country.
One of the best views
  1. Corfu Island, Greece
  • Legends Corfu Island is famous for being visited by some myth heroes: Hercules, Odysseus, as well as Jason and the Argonauts - in attempts to hide the Golden Fleece from Georgian treasure seekers.
  • Modernity: The island’s popularity has always been high, emperors, writers, politicians rested here, and then millionaires from Russia chose it. Tourism is the main activity of the inhabitants of the island, its favorite beaches at the height of the season, as a rule, are packed to the limit.
  • "Eden" beaches: The best vacation on the beautiful beach of Corfu, in the town of Paleokastritsa, is not in season. It is then that you are guaranteed a quiet and peaceful pastime.
Wonderful stay
  1. Kefalonia island, Greece
  • Legends: This island of the Ionian Sea got its name because of Mullet - one of those mythical heroes who did not abduct beauties; he himself was abducted by the goddess of dawn Eos, for love's sake.
  • Modernity: Kefalonia is rich in beautiful corners. Only the villages of Asos and Fiskardo, drowned in the thick of greenery and flowers, will conquer you at first sight. A boat ride on the soft blue lake of Melissani, hidden in the depths of the forest, in a quiet cave, will simply make you reconsider your view and beauty. Located next door to the island of Ithaca, where the legendary Odysseus was born, beckons to visit it and enjoy no less beautiful landscapes. Returning before dusk on a ferry, you will freeze in admiration when you see the sun setting over the mountains of Kefalonia.
  • "Eden" beaches: According to the inhabitants of Kefalonia, Myrtos was recognized as the most beautiful beach.
Greek island
  1. Crete, Greece
  • Legends According to ancient legends, the island is the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus, the famous battle of the hero Theseus and the mighty Minotaur also took place here. Another event that was remembered by the Greeks - the "start" of the flight of Daedalus and Icarus took place precisely from the coast of Crete.
  • Modernity: Crete is sometimes rightfully called a separate republic - its territory is so vast and its historical and architectural heritage is rich. Beautiful mountain and water landscapes dotted with grottoes, entertaining museums and the attractiveness of ancient ruins - it will take quite a lot of time to go around the whole island and see all its sights.
  • "Eden" beaches: The settlement of Matala is located in the south, its beach is unique in that you can have a chic rest here, as well as enhance your knowledge of history: the caves of the Neolithic era there beckon you to visit them.
  1. Zakynthos Island, Greece
  • Legends According to Homer, the island belonged to the kingdom of Odysseus, it was from there that his army began its journey to Troy.
  • Modernity: Navagio Bay, where the ship’s skeleton is located (some say it’s a ship carrying illegal goods) in the middle of the beach, is symbolically equated to the Acropolis of Athens. According to the majority of local residents, the ship’s remains fell to the beach not from the sea, but by the will of the Minister of Tourism.
  • Zakynthos was simply created for colorful photographs against the backdrop of the blue sea and white sand, in addition, here you can visit the distant "azure grottoes", poisoning there by boat. You will surely be shocked by the view of the dazzling white mountains reflected in the clear blue water. The entire coastal part of the island is covered with caves of various sizes, the most beautiful can be seen in the area of ​​the village of Skinaria.
  • "Eden" beaches: Sailing a few kilometers from Zakynthos, you will find yourself on the beautiful beach of the small neighboring island of Marathonisi, in a colorful quiet bay, where a person’s foot rarely steps.
Perfect view
  1. Santorini Island, Greece
  • Story: 6000 years ago, on the island of Thira (previous name), there was a beautiful and formidable Minoan tribe. The people of Tira appreciated the work so much that they achieved high achievements in such fields of activity as stone building, pottery, etc. They became mythological heroes about whom legends and songs were composed.
  • Unfortunately, the Minoan civilization was not destined to exist forever. After the eruption of a volcano in 1500 BC. e., their cities were destroyed by lava, and the subsequent tsunami caused harm to the inhabitants of Crete. The island of Thira partially went under water, its fragment in the form of a crescent remained on the surface. Since 1204, the island bears the name of St. Irina, its patroness - now its name sounds like Santorini.
  • The beauty of the island: For the first time, once in Santorini, you are amazed at the simple sophistication of the crystal-white houses that crowded closely next to each other. Contrasting rich blue roofs complement the pleasant impression of the buildings - open shutters, churches shining in the sun with domes (there are more than 300), a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea, a mighty volcano, all this creates an indelible impression.
  • The island's capital, Fira, is more suitable for youth recreation - with its abundance of hotels, cafes, souvenir shops, as well as bars and dance clubs for nightlife.
  • Oia is recognized as the second largest city - in contrast to Fira, it is calm and cozy, here it breathes peace and quiet from the narrow streets paved with stone, and from colorful small cafes.
  • "Rainbow" beaches: One of Santorini's assets is its many beaches (approximately 15).

The most unique of them are the so-called “colored” ones:

  • The black: its difference is an incredible length, a special coating of fine black sand of volcanic origin, interspersed with pebbles. Here you can relax and enjoy local dishes in any of the bars and taverns.
  • Reddish: Once on a beach covered with unusual red pebbles, you will not remain indifferent.
  • Snow white: the beach is covered with dazzling white pebbles, which can hardly be found anywhere, and is surrounded by a ring of mountains of volcanic origin (the main rock is pumice).

Thus, we got acquainted with the Greek islands that can fall in love with ourselves at first sight, not only with beautiful landscapes and the warm sea, but also with interesting history, unusual architecture and fine cuisine. A visit to Greece will certainly enrich the spiritual and intellectual world of any tourist, from small to large.

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