What is the difference between sodium and potassium soaps: a comparison. What is the difference between laundry soap 65% from 72% in composition, which is better? How does household soap differ from toilet soap, ordinary tar in composition, which is better? What is the difference between shower gel and liquid soap?

The difference between toilet, household and tar soap.

Every day we use a variety of products for washing and washing. Few of us think about the composition of the soap, and what is the difference between ordinary household pieces and a viscous aromatic liquid in a bottle. In this article, we will try to figure out how different types of soap differ from each other.

What is the difference between sodium and potassium soaps: a comparison

The manufacturing technology of these substances is not much different. The fact is that initially the fat base itself is treated with alkali and soap is obtained. But there are some subtleties. Potassium or sodium alkali may be used to make the product. The aggregate state of the product depends on this. That is, when saponifying alkali potassium, you get a viscous or fairly liquid product. If you use sodium, then solid pieces.

An example of sodium soap is household and toilet soap. Potassium soaps are mainly used in the manufacture of shower gel or liquid soap.

Sodium and potassium soap

What is the difference between laundry soap 65% from 72% in composition, which is better?

Laundry soap - sodium salt of fatty acid. On the bars you can see different markings, for example 65 and 72%. These are not just numbers, it is a designation of the concentration of fatty acids. That is, the soap contains 72 or 65% of fatty acids. Moreover, the higher the content of these substances, the better the washing ability of the soap. We recommend purchasing soap with a higher value.

Laundry soap

How does laundry soap differ from toilet soap in composition, which is better?

Many prefer toilet soap, rather than household soap. Perhaps this is correct, but there is no particular difference in composition. Initially, soap is made by reacting animal fat with alkali. So we get a classic laundry soap with a terrible smell. The smell is due precisely to the presence of animal fat. By the way, it is taken from the meat processing industry.

Few people want to wash with smelly soap, so factories that are engaged in soap making resort to some tricks. A flavoring agent, glycerin and essential oils are added to a conventional laundry soap. And the unpleasantly smelling bar turns into a standard toilet soap with a pleasant aroma.

Laundry and toilet soap

What is the difference between tar soap and laundry soap in composition, which is better?

Read the label carefully. Many manufacturers under the guise of tar soap can sell ordinary household with the addition of tar. Such a tool will be of little use. Most often, a tar product is used to treat seborrhea, dermatitis and various infections. In its manufacture adhere to a clear recipe:

  • It is not animal fat that is saponified, but vegetable oils
  • Most often, mustard, coconut and olive oils are used for making
  • The result is a soap with a pleasant aroma, into which birch tar is introduced
  • Because of this, the color and smell of the product changes, so in order to drown out the smell of tar, essential oils are introduced

Which soap is better is hard to say. It all depends on what you are going to use it for. Usually tarry is used to treat various skin ailments, and household for washing.

Laundry and tar soap

How does handmade soap differ from factory soap in composition, which is better?

Handmade soap is undoubtedly better. It is not made from animal fat, but from vegetable oils. In the composition of such a product there are no preservatives and a decent amount of natural essential oils. In addition, pieces of herbs, sea salt and other scrubbing components are often added to the composition. Because of this, the shelf life of such soap is significantly reduced. Therefore, natural soap is stored for a very short time. But if you have a choice, then no doubt for washing and hygienic procedures, choose handmade soap.

Handmade soap

What is the difference between liquid soap and solid soap in chemical composition, which is better?

These soaps differ in the composition of the alkali used, which is used to saponify the oily base. If it is potassium salt, then get a liquid soap. If the alkali is sodium, then the final product will be solid. But now liquid soap is obtained in two ways:

  • By saponification of oils with potassium alkali
  • Using surfactants, including lauryl sodium sulfate

According to the first method, soap is made only at home and the product is quite expensive. Therefore, all liquid soaps on the shelves are substances with surfactants that dry the skin and remove fat from its surface.

But in some conditions, using lump soap is not entirely hygienic. This applies to toilets and public areas. In this case, it is advisable to use liquid soap. Thus, the contact of the hands of several people is excluded. At home, we recommend using handmade soap. It does not matter if it is liquid or solid.

Liquid soap

What is the difference between toilet soap and bath soap in composition, which is better?

These products differ in composition and cost. Toilet soap contains more fragrances and fragrances. It is simply a fragrant product that may contain emollients. Such as oils and glycerin. Bath soap is larger in size than toilet soap and contains more useful additives and essential oils.

Indeed, in a bath, the body is steamed and its pores actively absorb nutrients in soap. A good product, but in real life it is difficult to find a suitable option for a bath. Basically, this is an ordinary soap with herb flavors. Read the composition on the package, and buy pasty products in jars specifically for the bath.

What is the difference between gel and liquid soap in composition, which is better?

Initially, shower gel is not much different from liquid soap. It is worth noting that this is an excellent marketing move. Due to the frantic pace of life, not everyone can spend a lot of time on taking a bath. To wash normally, it is necessary to apply soap on a washcloth and foam it. After this, the foam is applied to the body and rubbed. Shower gel can be used daily during the morning bath. Actually, it does not remove pollution very well, but it helps to maintain freshness and a pleasant smell. Washes more bacteria from the surface of the body.

The composition of liquid soap and gel is approximately the same; these are essential oils, and flavors and surfactants. Glycerin is added to the soap, but not to the shower gel. Now some companies generally produce an interesting product: shower gel and shampoo 2 in 1. There is nothing strange about this. Such funds are made for men, as they are less demanding on the composition of the shampoo. Many companies simply make money by advertising shampoos for different types of hair. Although in general their composition is not much different.

Shower gel

As you can see, liquid soap is different from the laundry soap. Therefore, before purchasing funds for hyenas, read their composition.

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