How to check pregnancy with iodine: test, folk remedies for determining pregnancy with iodine, reviews. Determination of pregnancy with iodine - a test with paper, urine: how to do?

The article describes methods for determining pregnancy using conventional pharmacy iodine.

Today, it is not difficult to determine pregnancy at home with the help of pharmacy aids. On sale there are various test strips, cassettes. Women are always interested to know as soon as possible about their condition. And even in ancient times, beauties using various folk methods could establish pregnancy.

Some of them are popular in our time. Even if these experiments are not so comfortable to carry out as with test strips, but the result can show whether you are pregnant or not. One such option is a test using regular iodine. This solution is not expensive at all and is sold in any pharmacy. Therefore, analysis will not be difficult at all.

Determination of pregnancy with iodine - a test with paper: how to do it right?

Not always violations of the menstrual cycle, in particular - a delay, causes the ladies joyful excitement about the new condition. Sometimes pregnancy does not bring a positive impression due to some problems. To accurately determine whether conception has occurred after sexual intercourse, you can test using ordinary iodine.

Pregnancy Testing With Iodine

For this process, you should prepare in advance:

  • Assay collection tank. The vessel must be perfectly clean. For experiments, glass jars, plastic glasses or pharmacy containers for testing are suitable.
  • Clean eyedropper. If it is still new, it was not used for anything, then the result will be accurate.
  • Paper - preferably white, without any shades of gray or yellow.
  • Iodine. Use the drug fresh, if it has already expired, it will not work.
  • Urine. Urine should be collected in the morning, pre-take a shower. Soap with dyes, flavors do not use for the purity of the experiment.
How to establish pregnancy at home?

The procedure for conducting a pregnancy test with iodine

  1. Collect the analysis (urine) into the prepared clean container.
  2. Take a blank sheet of white blank paper, you can use stationery paper to print on the printer. Cut the strip to make it convenient for you to do the experiment.
  3. Dip the paper in urine, pull it out and lay it on a clean surface.
  4. Put a drop of iodine on the wetted surface of the paper. If the color remains brown or changes to blue, then there is no pregnancy.
  5. If the color is lilac, purple, then you will soon become a mother.

How to check pregnancy with iodine urine?

If for some reason you are not comfortable doing the paper test, then you can simplify the task and make the procedure without a white sheet. It’s just that this analysis should be done accurately with laboratory accuracy.

How does iodine react to pregnant urine?

As an aid, you will again need:

  • clean or new pipette
  • capacity made of plastic, glass - perfectly clean
  • iodine - not expired.

Fill the container with morning urine. Place on a flat surface. Then, add a little iodine from the vial to the pipette. Bring it as close to the surface of the urine as possible, drop a drop of iodine in a glass, wait for the reaction to proceed. If the drop dissolves completely, then there is no pregnancy. And if there is a spot of iodine, then pregnancy is present.

IMPORTANT: It is advisable to do such tests up to ten weeks of pregnancy, later this method is already ineffective.

A drop of iodine in the urine dissolves during pregnancy: why does such a reaction occur?

To ensure that the analysis is reliable, you must follow all the rules for conducting it exactly. Otherwise, an erroneous test is likely. In the second trimester of pregnancy, testing on iodine is already useless, it will still not give the result. Yes, and future mothers are already, so, confident in their condition at this time. A drop of iodine, starting from 11-12 weeks of pregnancy, will already dissolve, as in non-pregnant women. Iodine acts like litmus paper only until 9-10 months pregnancy.

The folk way to determine pregnancy

In addition, the experiment with iodine will not succeed and the drop will immediately dissolve even in pregnant urine, if you do not follow a number of mandatory measures for its implementation.

  1. For laboratory tests at home, use only morning urine. Experience immediately, not through time. The maximum delay of the process can be no more than 25 minutes.
  2. Before proceeding to a chemical analysis without fail take a shower or tidy up your genitals using hygiene products without of various chemical additives. You can use baby soap. Because, as using other components, you will not get a true result, even with the exact presence of pregnancy.
  3. Capacity and dropper preferably sterilize. Just do not use them hot right away as an aid. Wait for it to cool.
  4. White paper take only from new packagesso that there is no dust on it and even more so any stains.
  5. Iodine apply new, always pay attention to storage periods. If it was stored incorrectly for some time, the analysis result will also be unreliable.
  6. Also, if you are doing paperless analysis, then drip iodinealmost directly on the surface of urineso that it does not spread immediately under the influence of a falling force.
What iodine to use for pregnancy testing?

Pregnancy test with iodine: reviews

After conducting experiments with iodine, not all women received a reliable result. Some argue that the method really has the right to life, while others do not trust him at all. Perhaps testing was conducted with non-compliance with the basic rules. There are still various processes in the body that can also affect the state of human urine. Therefore, iodine also shows different results.

Pregnancy Testing With Iodine

Tatyana, 32 years old

I looked at the forum, a discussion of the two sisters, how they conducted the experiment with iodine. Moreover, one of them was pregnant in the eighth month, the other - no. The results are true.

Svetlana, 26 years old

I have long been aware of this pregnancy testing option. For the sake of interest, I made it, even when there was no suspicion of an interesting state. A drop of iodine spread and there were no spots in the urine. And now there are suspicions that a pregnancy has come. I decided to conduct an experiment with iodine along with test strips. Oddly enough, but the drop did not dissolve, went to the bottom. The result is correct, as expected. There are also two bright red lines on the strip.

Karina, 36 years old

After a delay, I conducted a test using the HomeTest test strips - they gave a positive result. True, I could not believe my eyes. I decided to make an analysis with iodine before visiting the doctor. Did on paper. The color has become lilac - is it really pregnancy! So long awaited. I also did a test without paper, there was a small drop of iodine at the bottom. Pah-pah, so as not to jinx it. To make sure, I’ll go to my doctor.

Today was at the gynecologist - really everything was confirmed. Pregnancy is seven weeks.

How to find out at home whether pregnant or not?

Of course, there is no one hundred percent confidence in this method of testing pregnancy. But sometimes, when there are no pharmacy express strips on hand, then testing the diagnostics with this method will not be superfluous, especially since the cost of it is minimal. And even if the result is negative, and you feel insecure, then visit a gynecologist, he will certainly establish: is there a pregnancy or not.

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