Opal nails: what is it? How to make an opal nail design by rubbing, kamifubuki, foil, sparkles?

Instructions for creating an opal nail design.

Opal nail design is a common technique that has become popular this year. It can be done in several ways. In this article we will tell with the use of which materials it is possible to create opal nails.

Opal nails: what is it?

For the first time, this design became popular just with the help of American stars on Instagram. Just like with the shape of a ballerina or Pipe, opal nails have come into fashion. Fashion has reached our country, now this design is ordered quite often. The main advantage is that such nails do not look very catchy, and meet the trends of nude manicure. Design can not be done on all nails, but only selectively, that is, on the nameless or average.

To perform this design, foil, kamifubuki, shells, and even Yuuki flakes are used. Let's get acquainted with the most common and simple options for creating an opal design. The main task when performing the coating is to give the nails a shine, and to cover them with a matte top, so as to create a kind of haze or muffled shine, as well as radiance.

Opal on the nails

How to make an opal nail foil design?

The simplest option is to create a design using Broken glass foil. That is, not a transfer foil is used, and not material in pieces, which is easily torn with tweezers, but a dense foil.


  • To create a design, the nail is covered with white gel polish. On a wet base, which is applied over the main color, pieces of foil are laid out. It should be with blue or pink tint, preferably in different colors.
  • At the same time, it is worth giving preference to a translucent foil, which is practically invisible, it only gives itself out to be a shine.
  • After that, the design is again blocked by a thick leveling layer of the base. If necessary, stickiness is removed and polished with a saw file in order to get rid of protruding corners, which often happens with broken glass.
  • After that, the design is overlapped with a matte top. Thus, all the shine that is created with the help of foil becomes muted, creating the effect of opal. This is not the only way you can create an opal design.
Foil Design

How to make opal camifubuki and mica nail design?

To create this kind of manicure, kamifubuki are often used. Recently, stars, circles, as well as a month, have become common. The material is selected in color in the same way as foil.


  • These are translucent plates with multi-colored tints, that is, blue and yellow, as well as blue.
  • Kamifubuki are applied on top of a white base to a not-quite-dried base, which is dried after the design is laid out in a lamp.
  • Further, it is covered with a thick layer of the base, covered with a matte top. The design is obtained with a muted flickering brilliance.
Opal on the nails

An opal nail design can be created using a glossy top, however, in order to achieve a blurry effect and get rid of the pronounced shine and texture of the decor, they often use milk gel polish or make it yourself. We offer you several options for creating an opal design.


  • In this case, mica is used, these are small flakes that differ in a diverse number of overflows. To create a design, the nail is covered with a white base. After that, pieces of mica are laid out on a wet base in a chaotic order.
  • Choose thin slices to spend less time aligning the nail plate. Slices of mica overlap with a thick base layer. It is best to take rubber to create the perfect highlight.
  • After that, the matte top is not used, and the nail on top is covered with milk gel polish. If you don’t have one, then a few drops of white polish interfere with a regular nail top in order to achieve translucency. The resulting translucent mixture overlaps the nails.
  • After that, the decor is covered with a layer of topcoat. Thus, it is possible to slightly damp the shine of the mica.
Opal camifubuki

Inlaid nails with opals: photo

Opals for nails are also quite popular, that is, the pebbles themselves, which can be purchased at AliExpress. They are rhinestones, only muddy and similar to a moonstone or opal. Now quite popular in design. Below are some photos with inlays of such opals. They are sold in different colors, sizes.

Often combined with broths and ordinary shiny rhinestones, Swarovski stones. Look advantageous in combination with pixies, as well as broths in black and silver.

Opal inlay Inlay Inlay Inlay Opal in nail design

Liquid Stone Nail Opal

You can also make liquid stone on the nails. It will look stylish, since this season imitation of nail rings is very popular. Liquid stone opal will become its central part.


  • For design, select a tone, cover it with nails in two layers, after which it is necessary to cut a piece of foil with a blue tint. It is best to take foil Broken glass, the size should be the way you want the center to turn out, or even a little less. Because the whole composition will be decorated with small rhinestones and broths.
  • Further, the foil is adhered to a not-quite-dried base, which is then polymerized in an ultraviolet lamp. It is necessary to prepare a milk gel. To do this, a small amount of white gel paint or gel polish interferes with the sculpted gel.
  • Make sure that the resulting mixture is translucent. Now, with a brush, you need to apply a small drop to the resulting foil base, imitating a stone. This composition should be convex.
  • Everything is quickly dried in the lamp, if necessary, a second layer is applied, if the sculpted gel is very liquid. Now you need to work out the contour with small rhinestones or broths. Next, you need to lay out the harnesses that extend from the ring.
  • These are thin strips that can be made from a scattering of small crystals, fixing them additionally with broths. This composition looks very nice. Try to keep the size of the stone small, because there will be an additional decor of stones and broths, which will betray massiveness to the central stone.
  • It is necessary that there is a small gap for thin lines that will depart from the main stone.
Liquid opal

How to make an opal nail design rubbed?

Quite often, an opal nail design is created using the rub. This is one of the easiest options.


  • For this, the nail must be prepared, covered with a base layer, two layers of a flower garden. It is best to choose a dense white gel polish. Next, a thin layer of the top is applied without the sticky layer, which is dried, rubbing into its surface.
  • It is best to use a pearl rub, a unicorn, and one that does not lie with sparkles, but with a uniform mirror coating. It shines very beautifully in different colors.
  • After this, the rubbing is covered with a thin layer of the base, the ends are processed using a file. The sticky layer is removed so that the sawdust from the nail does not stick to the stickiness of the base. After that, everything is covered with a matte top.
  • If desired, you can draw using a glossy top. The shimmering gloss that the rub gives gives a very poor look through the matte top, but gives the effect of opal on the nails. At the same time, a glossy top will enhance the shine and make the design voluminous.
  • This is a very simple but beautiful design that even a novice can do.
Opal Rubbed

Want to be in trend? Then be sure to create an opal design on the nails.

Watch the video: Natural Opal Nails Tutorial (April 2020).