Why did breasts begin to grow? When do girls start to grow breasts?

Puberty girls is a difficult period of growing up. And just at this time, a figure is formed and the mammary glands develop. When is this normal? What is a pathology? What happens to breast during pregnancy? That's what we’ll talk about.

When do girls start to grow breasts?

  • The female breast begins its development and growth already at the period of embryonic development and grows throughout life. In childhood, this is less noticeable, and during puberty in adolescence, its development goes into the active phase. Then, until pregnancy, activity again decreases
  • A number of studies were conducted and breast growth during adulthood and life was divided into 5 stages
  • The first stage begins from birth and during this period the chest does not acquire volume and is no different from the boy’s chest. However, if you look closely at the girl’s chest below the nipple, the so-called milk line is visible, it is along this border that the mammary gland will develop in the future
  • In such an intermediate period from infancy to puberty, the development of the mammary glands is practically not noticeable. During maturation, glandular tissue begins to develop rapidly
  • Normal puberty occurs in girls aged 8 to 13 years on average
  • The female breast undergoes the greatest changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Why did the breasts start to grow sharply?

A sharp increase in the mammary gland normal is directly related to the puberty of the girl. This period is characterized by a sharp jump in growth within -10 cm per year, the onset of the menstrual cycle and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics. It was during this period that the breast of a little girl takes on the shape of a girl, becomes rounded, and glandular tissue forms.

  • These changes are directly related to changes in the level of growth hormones and puberty hormones
  • Estrogens and progesterones begin to be produced.
  • The process of breast growth begins with the "swelling" of the nipple and areola and only then does the surrounding glandular tissue begin to form
  • There are cases of early puberty and a girl at 8 and 6 years old can notice the onset of gland formation, and this is not a pathology, but only a developmental feature. However, if after 14 years of signs of puberty and growth of the mammary glands is not observed, then you should consult a specialist (gynecologist, endocrinologist)
  • If breast growth is normal and occurs during puberty or pregnancy, then everything is in order. However, if in an adult girl or woman, the breasts began to grow abruptly outside of hormonal medication or out of pregnancy
  • This is a warning signal, especially if this growth is accompanied by soreness or swelling or in the case of the growth of only one gland. This moment is already pathology and requires special attention and a thorough examination.

What diseases does the breast grow from?

  • And again, everything is connected with hormones. The mammary gland is an organ that depends on the level of sex hormones. One of the pathologies that causes breast growth is hormonal imbalance, the causes of which can be many, from the use of hormonal therapy to cancer processes
  • We will discuss oncology, since at this stage, cases of cancer increase sharply. Oncology and mastopathy of the breast itself can serve as the most obvious manifestation.
  • At the same time, the onset of the tumor process may not be noticeable, but neglected cases can lead to an increase in the mammary gland several times and this can lead to disability at best. For this reason, doctors convincingly recommend self-examination and timely attention to changes in their body

Also, hormone-producing tumors, pituitary tumors, which cause our brain to give false signals to increase the level of sex hormones, which leads to corresponding changes in the body, can cause breast growth.
You can not remain silent about cases when the chest begins to grow in men.

Yes, this is not a typo. And it can also be associated with a tumor process or disorders in hormone-producing organs, with a change in the normal level of testosterone and an increase in estrogen. For men, these conditions cannot be the norm in any of the cases and require contacting a specialist.

Why did breasts begin to grow after menstruation? Hormonal causes of breast growth

  • We already wrote about the hormones of puberty and breast growth normal during this period of development, about the growth of the mammary gland during pregnancy, we will talk a little later
  • Did you feel chest pain during or before your period? It pours, becomes firmer and painful when touched. This is also a period of breast growth. It is on these days that the level of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone changes. During these periods, the female body is hormonically ready to accept a fertilized egg, prepares for motherhood and prepares the body for change
  • However, when pregnancy does not occur, the level of hormones gradually changes its “scales” and all processes subside, the breast ceases to hurt, but its size no longer decreases

  • That is why it is commonly believed that female breasts grow throughout life. And this is true. Suppose that after a sharp increase in puberty, it slows down the increase in volume, but does not stop
  • Moreover, the breast changes and can continue to grow even after menopause
  • The female breast is not only iron, it is adipose tissue and its volumes, respectively, change in the set or loss of body weight by a woman. As soon as a girl or gaining weight, the volume of her breasts, respectively, also increases
  • And accordingly, pathological conditions in which a woman can gain excess weight are also many, therefore, there are also many reasons for the growth of the mammary gland and hormonal imbalance plays an active role in these processes

How long does a breast grow?

  • Pregnancy is a reverent and bright moment in a woman’s life. During this period, the female body and mammary glands undergo tremendous changes. The body is preparing to feed the baby with mother's milk
  • During pregnancy, the female breast increases in volume already in the first trimester. Her blood supply also increases and veins can appear on the skin. At this time, breast size can increase by an average of 2 sizes and colostrum can stand out from the ducts of the gland that open on the nipple by the 5th month of pregnancy
  • At this time, you must especially take care of your breasts. It is necessary to choose a suitable supportive bra, perform a series of exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscle and observe hygiene, to prevent inflammatory processes in the ducts of the breast
  • The period of pregnancy is a period of a sharp hormonal surge and sharp growth of the gland. Therefore, it is mandatory to engage in self-examination to determine unwanted seals and prevent the development of mastopathy

What needs to be done to start growing breasts?

Many girls are uncomfortable due to the small volume of their breasts. However, this is a common misconception - that big breasts are good. And this does not mean that full-breasted girls will have more opportunities to feed the baby.

There can be a lot of reasons for a small breast size:
• Heredity
• Low estrogen levels during puberty
• Violation of the hormone-producing function of the thyroid gland
• Underweight

This position can be corrected independently if the condition is not associated with hormonal disorders. To radically change the picture and give the breast a volume of 2-3 sizes larger this will not help, but it can adjust the shape.

  • To do this, you need to perform exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscle, engage in self-massage and monitor the skin of the chest
  • But all kinds of supplements, pills, vacuum massagers can cause great harm to your health and provoke the most unpredictable diseases and pathological changes in your mammary gland. And health is the most important thing we have
  • Be attentive to yourself and your health, in the pursuit of beauty standards you can permanently lose your health

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