How to draw a daisy with a pencil in stages? Drawing of a daisy with a pencil for sketching

Step-by-step lessons in drawing with pencil and watercolor daisies.

We have prepared for you several workshops on pencil drawing of delicate and beautiful daisies. Try to “grow” one or more colors in your album.

Daisies look beautiful in a bouquet

Let the daisy inspire and catch the eye of your friends. And if pencil drawings do not appeal to you, then take a step-by-step lesson in drawing daisies in watercolor. Rather arm yourself with a simple pencil and get to work!

How to draw a daisy with a pencil in stages?

To get started, look at photos of daisies to understand and remember the shape of a flower, leaves and what stems it may have.

Daisy Floral Compositions

Daisies are terry. They are very beautiful, but for beginner artists, a drawing of an ordinary daisy is better.

So, we learn to draw daisies.

1. With light movements of the pencil (later we will make all successful lines darker), draw the initial contours of the three daisies.

Draw circles for daisy centers, and stalks

2. Draw three lines of future stems. One of the lines should be longer than the rest. At the top of each stem we draw a small circle - the core of the flowers. We outline the leaves in short lines.

3. Let's start drawing the petals. First, draw the curved disjoint lines, and then draw the tops of the petals. The shape of the petals is an elongated oval. It will not be difficult to draw, if you are careful and not in a hurry.

Draw the petals

4. Add volume to the cores of daisies. On the bottom side of each circle we draw strips in the form of smiles from dots. At the very bottom, there should be most points to create a semicircular volumetric shape. Shade some areas on the petals with a few strokes.

Darken the picture

5. We extinguish the line of stems. Draw small leaves. Daisies are ready!

Second option

We draw the symbol of Italy - an elegant flower daisy - in accordance with the phased scheme.

Stage 1:

  • Novice artists unknowingly make a mistake by starting to draw flowers from the petals and the core. At that time, when you need to first make a markup and outline with approximately light strokes the areas in which the flowers will be located.
  • So the picture will “fit” into the sheet and will not go beyond the borders. Therefore, the first thing we start is the markup.
  • We outline the stems with three lines, the leaves with small strokes, and the flowers with three large circles and small circles inside. We draw the stems tilted to the sides.
  • Circles occupy most of the leaf. They will help us draw symmetrical and even petals inside each circle.
  • The size of the ovals may differ from each other: on one bush of daisies, flowers of different sizes can form.
Draw the initial contours

Stage 2:

  • Inside each of the circles, we begin to draw the petals. They can overlap each other, the edges of some petals may extend beyond the boundary of the circle.
  • We also draw the leaves: on both sides of the dashed lines with which we designated the leaves, we draw another curved line. The tops of the leaves are pointed, and with a broad base they are attached to the stem.
Draw the petals and leaves

Stage 3:

  • We proceed to detail the initial contours: we draw the lines of the petals and specify the shape of the leaves. Erase additional lines.
  • In the core of each daisy, we draw an upward “smile” of dots. Thus, we will create the effect of the textured surface of the middle of the flower.
We refine the shape of the leaves

Stage 4:

  • It remains to shade some areas: dashed lines: paint over the petals, leaving some areas bright.
  • Add shading to the tops of the leaves and to the shaded side of the stem.
Start tinting Finished drawing

How to draw a daisy in watercolor?

With a pencil, we learned to draw daisies. Let's start watercolor painting.

For work, we need watercolor paper. It is quite dense, therefore it will not “turn sour” after applying several strokes with a wet brush.

1. Let's start with the contours. The opened daisy flower is round in shape. Our flower fits perfectly into the triangular contour. In order not to spoil the paper, try for dexterity to repeat all the lines in the draft.

Draw the contours
  • When everything works out, proceed to drawing on watercolor paper: we are used to the fact that excess lines are easily erased, but when working with watercolor paints, each groove from an unsuccessful line will spoil the drawing, making it sloppy and dirty.
  • As you can see, the petals are completely different in shape and size: some are long and narrow, others are short and wide, and others are generally twisted into a tube. And the core is not perfectly round.
  • Try to pick out both long and very short petals, which are located near the core. The final result of a watercolor drawing depends on how accurately you transfer the shape with a pencil.
  • Near the core are very short rudimentary petals. If you carefully repeat all the lines, you will definitely be able to draw the same flower.
Start painting the petals
  • We will draw a white daisy. But if you prefer a different color, then you first need to paint over the petals with the selected shade, and then proceed to the shadows.
  • We will paint over the areas inside the petals and leave the edges white or, conversely, depending on how the light falls on the flower.
  • Fill the core with cadmium yellow mixed with grass green. Make the edges orange, adding a bit of brown and letting the colors blur.
  • Denote the shape of the petals by adding paint between them. For shadows, mix blue with purple. With the resulting shade, paint over the lower part of the core and the most convex - the upper.
  • When the flower dries, it remains to cover the background with a damp brush and paint it with dark paint.
Paint background

How else can I draw a daisy? Bright and with leaves. Here is one:

This daisy and try to draw

1. Let's start with a pencil sketch. We outline the whole composition: how many leaves will be, how long the peduncle will be, and how the flower basket is located to the viewer.

Pencil sketch

2. The leaves of the daisy are small in comparison with the flower, have the shape of a scapula. Reaching up. A round daisy bud. Select the core and draw the petals.

Start painting the leaves

3. Start painting the leaves with green paint. We will apply strokes in the direction of the veins. The lighted areas on the leaves are left light or not covered with paint at all.

4. For the credibility of the picture, add a brown tint to the edge of one of the leaves and leave the paint to spread. We will do the same with the upper part of the stem.

Paint the core

5. The core of the daisy is invariably yellow, but obscure the bottom with a little brown.

Petals - Soft Pink

6. Proceed to the petals. They will be pale pink. Above, leave white stripes on each petal, and paint the edges and the underside of the petals with a delicate pink color. To highlight the shaded area, add a little raspberry color to the petals.

Add a little raspberry tint to the petals

How to draw a daisy with children?

All of the above methods of drawing daisies are not suitable for children. So that the child does not disappoint and succeed at the first attempt to draw a beautiful flower, invite him to reproduce a schematic drawing of a daisy. For example, this:

How to draw a daisy with children?
  • It will only be necessary to correctly place the two circles, the middle of the flowers on the sheet, draw five petals on them.
  • Next, you need to stretch two lines down from each flower - these will be the stems.
  • Draw two more pointed leaves opposite each other and grass below. The kid will be able to decorate the drawing at his discretion.

Drawing of a daisy with a pencil for sketching

To facilitate the task for adults, we offer several options for drawings of daisies for sketching. Such sketchy drawings can be easily transferred to paper by children if you first tell them the sequence of drawing.

The shape of the petals and leaves of the daisy Daisies and bell Inflorescences of daisies Daisy perennial

Daisy inflorescence Crumpled daisy Schematic drawings of daisies Bouquet of daisies Large daisies A simple drawing of a daisy

How to draw a bouquet of daisies?

If the child asks you to help him draw a bouquet of daisies, then the next lesson is for you.

1. It is not difficult to draw a bouquet of flowers, if you correctly outline the preliminary outline of the leaves and flowers. Using the main lines of this lesson, you can draw a bouquet of a variety of flowers: you only need to change the shape of the inflorescence, petals and color of the flowers. The initial contours are straight or sloping lines where there will be leaves and stems, and circles in place of future flowers.

Step 1

2. In each circle, draw a core. Clarify the edges of the petals, making them simply wavy. You can add a few tulips to the bouquet: draw three towering flowers above the rest with pointed petals.

Step 2

4. “Having tied” the bouquet with a ribbon, we will make it festive. Draw a ribbon is not difficult: you need to draw two parallel lines at the bottom of the stems.

Step 4

5. For the beauty of the bouquet, draw it with fern leaves: draw a lot of sharp segments along a straight line. Draw the remaining leaves and a bunch of stems under the ribbon.

Step 5

6. Color the drawing. It must be bright, otherwise it will not work to convey the beauty of small daisies.

Step 6

Video: how to draw a daisy?

Watch the video: How to Draw a Daisy Flower Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Beginners Daisies in Color (April 2020).