How to open a wall in VK: instructions. How to set privacy for a wall in VK: features

Vkontakte wall allows users to talk about their thoughts and much more. And many would like to open it for viewing, comments, and so on. How to do this, our article will tell.

Privacy settings allow you to hide your Vkontakte wall from prying eyes, even from friends. But what if you suddenly decided to open the veil of secrecy and show everyone what you write there?

How to open Vkontakte wall?

Do not worry, because you do not have to do anything. But how so? The thing is that since recently, the social network has made the wall public and therefore it is open to everyone. At one time, they also acted with friends. In other words, since the wall became open, it is impossible to prohibit its viewing. Moreover, the settings for the wall were removed from the private ones, so you won’t be able to find them there.

Despite this, you can choose who can see other people's posts, you can leave them and comment on them.

  • To do this, go to the profile settings. They are located in the upper right. Just click on the avatar and select the section you need
  • Here we go to privacy and look for a subsection “Entries per page”
Records per page
  • Now you can start the setup

As for the wall itself, now every user can see it, even if it is not registered. If you do not want so many people to see you, just close the page and make it accessible only to users of the social network. This is done there in the privacy settings.

Watch the video: DIY Lattice Privacy Wall (April 2020).