Meditation methods for relaxing the psyche: mantras, sutras, auto-training technique, visualization, breathing

Instructions for conducting meditation to relax the psyche.

Meditation is a great way to relax, get rid of obsessive thoughts. It is the wandering thoughts in our head that haunt, causing anxiety, as well as stress and depression. In this article we will talk about the methods of meditation and their healing properties.

Ways to Meditate: An Overview

There are many options for meditation. Their fundamental difference is that it is necessary to concentrate on different objects.

An overview of meditation techniques:

  • Visualization technique
  • Respiratory Control Technique
  • European version - auto-training
  • Focus on a specific subject

Meditations to relax the psyche: auto-training, visualization, breathing technique


  • In technology renderings during relaxation you need to imagine yourself healthy, strong, rich. Just the way you want to see yourself. That is, if you have problems with some kind of organ, you need to imagine that this organ is healthy and direct positive energy to it.
  • There is another technique that offers stop focusing not on the presentation of an object, but on physiological sensations. Very often meditation is combined with a variety of muscle tension. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately strain a certain muscle group, and then sharply relax. It is on these muscles that you need to constantly focus your attention, as well as on your sensations. Thus, you yourself direct your thoughts in the right direction. That is, now they do not wander. You have a specific task - you control the state of the muscles of your body.
  • Oddly enough, the European version of meditation is simple auto training. It is necessary to lie down, relax, close your eyes and repeat out loud: "I am calm, free, my body relaxes, problems leave." This is a great option that will allow you to relax and establish a psychological state.
  • Also a great meditation option is to use concentration on breathing. Thus, all your thoughts concentrate on how you breathe. It is necessary to inhale for 4 accounts, exhale for 8 accounts. In this case, inhalation is done through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Gradually, it is necessary to add a breath hold of 4-10 seconds between breaths. Such exercises will help saturate the body with oxygen, and also improve the functioning of internal organs. In addition, they will allow you to focus exclusively on breathing, thereby distracting from other problems that may disturb a person.
  • Another simple meditation option is to use renderingsbut you don’t have to imagine anything. It is necessary to focus on a specific subject. To do this, turn off all light sources in the room, close the curtains and put a candle on the table. Light it, get comfortable. The lotus position will do. It is necessary to observe the flame of a candle, peering into the fire. You don’t need to think about anything. You must constantly look at the candle, and blink as little as possible. If you cannot stop blinking for a long time, and tears appear in your eyes, this is a good sign. He says that you have relaxed enough.

Meditation Relaxation: Sutras, Mantras and Sound

In the classic version of meditation, sutras are often used. This is a special verbal accompaniment to the process. But there is no need to say the words out loud. All of them are pronounced to themselves. This is a kind of sound in your head. It sounds something like this:

“I am easy and calm, walk well in life. Nothing makes me nervous, I’m absolutely calm and healthy. ”

Specially selected music during meditation also helps to relax and enhance the process.

Mantras can be an excellent accompaniment to meditation. These are certain sounds that will help you tune in to a wave of relaxation and concentration. At the same time, it is possible to completely relax and get away from all the problems. The main ones are only the sounds you hear. Thoughts leave you and you relax.

VIDEO: Mantras for meditation

There are many options that will allow you to relax after meditation. The main options are to use visualization. It is necessary to lie on the floor, legs and arms extended. Hands at the seams, you need to close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Initially, this can be done on an account, that is, combine the concentration of attention on the account, and then visualization. As soon as your breathing becomes even, relaxed, you can begin to visualize.

Meditation visualization

Imaging technique using sutra:

  • Imagine that you are lying in a green meadow, in fresh, soft grass. Breathe slowly, look at the clouds, blue sky
  • A butterfly has landed on your chest. Try to breathe even more slowly so as not to frighten off the insect
  • Imagine a hare running around the lawn, birds on trees singing melodic songs. Admire it all, relax
  • Get away from all the problems while enjoying the beauty of the meadow. Do not rush to quickly stop meditation. It is necessary to leave a state slowly and gradually
Kundalini Meditation

Meditation is very simple. You can use European or Indian technology. It all depends on your preferences and desires. These techniques, in the end, are not much different, because they allow for complete relaxation.

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