How to make ice cream at home? The best homemade ice cream recipes

What is better than a refreshing, tender and delicious ice cream on a hot summer day? Only homemade ice cream - made from natural ingredients!

Ice cream is a favorite dessert of children and adults! But I want it to be not only tasty, but also healthy! Therefore, we are learning to cook this dessert at home from natural products!

Cooking ice cream at home.

Despite the rainy weather, summer is just around the corner, which means that it will be very handy to know the recipes for everyone's favorite, cool dessert. Which also can be made useful by cooking with natural products!
Homemade ice cream recipes, there are so many! There are very simple, consisting almost exclusively of milk, as well as very complex, including many ingredients.
Ice cream is dairy, creamy, chocolate, coffee etc.

The indisputable advantage of homemade ice cream is that you know what products it is made from! That they are fresh and the final product does not contain any chemical additives, in the form of dyes and flavors, or preservatives.

Cooking is a multifaceted and complex world with its secrets and subtleties. Therefore, before we consider the best recipes for ice cream, you need to learn the secrets of its preparation.

Tasty, beautiful and natural

Useful Tips

  • On average, ice cream freezes for 6 to 7 hours
  • If you put the mass in the refrigerator not in tins, but in a large container, then it should be mixed periodically (especially if many pieces of berries, nuts or fruits are added to the mixture). Optimally every 30 to 40 minutes
  • If you ignore the need to mix the mixture, then it will not be homogeneous and there will be many ice floes
  • The same problem if you freeze it. In addition, ice cream will lose taste
  • To make the cooking process less time-consuming and to make the ice cream more homogeneous, we advise you to buy an ice cream maker. In it, your favorite dessert will turn out homogeneous and without pieces of ice.
    Especially if you plan to cook this dessert often at home. Not to mention the fact that the ice cream maker will greatly facilitate the cooking process itself and it will turn out tastier
  • It’s good if you have a modern refrigerator in your home where you can set the temperature, because to make ice cream, you need at least -21 degrees
  • And finally, the most the main secret! If you add ice cream to the mix gelatin,then this will help him to be as similar as possible to the purchased one. Gelatin simply will not let ice crystals form! Give it a try! And you will be pleasantly surprised by the result!

IMPORTANT! In any case, ice cream will be different from that produced industrially. Since in production, it is frozen in special chambers with a constant temperature of -50 degrees.

Natural and delicious

Basically, all the homemade ice cream recipes you know about consist of the most common foods: milk, vanilla, and sugar! All this must be stirred and in the freezer! Elementary, right?

But, unfortunately, your expectations will not come true, because according to the laws of physics, instead of a gentle, creamy ice cream, you will get only a block of milk with lots of ice crystals.
Therefore, the mixture must be thoroughly and often mixed.
And yet, you can achieve a really delicate ice cream texture thanks to the ice cream maker,

And here he is - a gentle cool dessert!

or ... knowing oursecret! The secret of cooking real ice cream!

Ice cream recipe

First, cool not only the cream, but also the whisk of the mixer, as well as the dishes in which you will whip the mixture.

This is necessary so that the fat molecules of the cream are more easily connected together, surrounding the air bubbles that form when the mixture is whipped.

Sundae Ingredients

How to make ice cream?

1. First mix condensed milk, cream and ... instant coffee. Of course, supplements can be completely different! For example: vanilla, liquor, cognac or syrup

2. We begin to beat with a mixer at medium speed. By
as the mixture thickens, increase the speed to maximum. But do not overdo it, unless of course your goal is to get oil.
The consistency should resemble melted ice cream! More specifically, a creamy emulsion saturated with air bubbles

3. It remains to pour the mixture into a mold for future ice cream, cover with cling film and put in the freezer for 6 - 12 hours

Ice cream

Cream Ice Cream Ingredients
Cream Ice Cream Ingredients
  • Mix the sugar thoroughly with a mixer at low speed. cream (or milk), and get the taste of melted ice cream!
  • We put in the freezer for 6 - 12 hours. Ice cream is ready!
Mix mass at minimum speed

Ice cream with English cream, aka Anglaise, a custard

The most tender, delicious and beautiful ice cream will turn out if frozen English cream on a mixture of cream and milk.

English cream (aka Zavarny) - refers to "handicrafts" - this is a mixture of milk, cream, or both together) with eggs. Moreover, the mixture thickens with eggs under the influence of heat.
When heated, the protein proteins coagulate, that is, they bind and harden. Consequently, the bushard freezes.
As a flavoring, vanilla is often added to it, but also coffee, liquor, chocolate, peppermint, citrus fruits ...
Its consistency directly depends on the proportion of cream / milk to the number of eggs / yolks.

Custards are divided into 3 groups:

1: English cream (Stirred Custard - cooked in a water bath)
2: Confectionery cream - starch is added as a thickener
3: Creme Caramel, Pots de Creame, Creme Brulee - baked artisans
We are now interested in the first group, - English cream! Which is essentially a liquid custard.

If you freeze it, you get the most delicate ice cream!

Cooking English cream has its own subtleties.

English cream ice cream
English cream based ice cream recipe
  1. Add 100 g of sugar in 1 liter of milk. Then, heat the milk until sugar is completely dissolved
  2. In a separate bowl, beat five yolks. Then, start pouring warm milk to the whipped yolks
  3. Stir the mixture thoroughly. and continue stirring already on the stove, over low heat until thickened
  4. IMPORTANT! Cream not must boil!
  5. Leave the cream to cool. to room temperature
  6. Put frozen in the freezer

IMPORTANT! If you do not freeze ice cream in molds, but in a deep bowl, then you need to mix it every 40 minutes (preferably with a mixer), otherwise your ice cream will not be uniform, but with pieces of ice.

Walnut ice cream

Hazelnut Ice Cream Ingredients

  1. Toast nuts in the oven, at a temperature of 180 degrees. about 10 minutes. Peel and chop nuts
  2. Mix milk with nuts. Bring to a boil over low heat, cover and let stand for two hours
  3. Strain
  4. Beat egg yolks with sugar (should turn white and thicken)
  5. Reheat again milk and add cream to it
  6. Mix half well with whipped yolks. Add the remaining mixture and mix well again.
  7. Stirring constantly, heat over low heat until the mixture thickens. Remove from fire
  8. Add peanut liquormix. Pour into a flat shape and put in the freezer for 7 hours
  9. To prevent ice crystals from forming in the mixture, it must be stirred every hour with a fork

Arrange the finished ice cream in a bowl and sprinkle with nuts on top.

Walnut ice cream can be made from walnuts, almonds or any other.

Walnut ice cream

Walnut Ice Cream Ingredients

How to cook:
  1. Finely chop nuts
  2. Mix syrup with cream
  3. Beat condensed milk in a large chilled bowl, it’s good that it becomes twice as large and thicker
  4. Gently pour into the condensed milk cream syrup
  5. Mix everything well and send for a couple of hours to the freezer
  6. Get ice cream, beat well again, sprinkle with nuts and put in the freezer again

After 5 - 6 hours the ice cream is ready!

IMPORTANT! To obtain a more gentle, homogeneous mass, do not be lazy every 30 to 40 minutes, mix the chilled mass well with a mixer (in a pre-chilled container).

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Ice Cream Ingredients


1. Melt the belld on the "water bath", stir with a whisk and set aside
2. Beat the yolks with sugar until lush white foam
3. Mix cocoa separately with cream and stirring, heat the mixture over low heat until the cream begins to foam
4. Take them off the fire and stirring all the time, gradually pour into whipped yolks. Strain
5. In melted chocolate pour in the creamy mixture and heat for 3 - 5 minutes
6. Add vanillaset to cool to room temperature
7. Fill in the form (preferably flat) and put in the freezer for 7 hours

IMPORTANT! Every 40 minutes, remove the mass from the refrigerator and mix with a mixer.

Chocolate ice cream

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We have reviewed just a few recipes for this delicious and refreshing dessert! Let our tips help you all summer to please yourself and your loved ones not only delicious, but also very useful delicacy!
Ice cream prepared with your own hands, with love and imagination, will surprise you every time with an inexhaustible variety of flavor combinations!

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Tasty experiments to everyone!

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